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Creative and Unique Designs for Your Easter Eggs

We have been busy again pinning away on Pinterest!  Our focus this weekend was on…  you guessed it!  Eggs!  Easter eggs, to be specific.  Finding new, creative ways to decorate our Easter Eggs has become a fun tradition through the years and now it’s even easier to find stunning designs try.

Just click on the picture to learn how to make your own beautifully decorated Easter Egg designs.

Bedazzled Easter Eggs

Adorn your dyed Easter Eggs with ribbon and jewels!  All you need is some store-bought dye, the embellishments of your choice, a hot glue gun, and a little imagination.


Unique Designs

These beautiful and bright blue Easter Eggs have been decorated with food coloring and stickers!  What an easy way to brighten up your table!

Monogrammed Easter Eggs

Personalize your table this Easter with monogrammed Easter Eggs!  These cute and personal eggs are easy to make and add a special touch to your decor.

Fishnet Easter Eggs

Easter egg designs with lace.

It doesn’t get much easier than using an old pair of tights to decorate your colored Easter Eggs!  Add an interesting pattern to your eggs using an old pair of tights.

Wax Eggs

Easter egg designs with paint and dots.

Learn how to use candle wax to achieve this interesting, multi-colored Easter Egg design.

What is your favorite way to dye and decorate your Easter Eggs?

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