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Halloween Menu for Your Ghouls and Goblins

Hosting a trick-or-treat celebration at your house this year?  We found some exceptionally ghoulish Halloween party foods that will set a spooky mood for your little goblins.  Check out these 4 simple creations!

Appetizer:  Guac Yack

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What a gross and frightening way to display your guacamole!  The little ninjas will love laughing (and probably mimicking) your nasty little creation.

Main Course:  Mummy Dogs

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These are easy to make and a huge hit with your little witches and warlocks   Wrapping a good ol’ fashioned hot dog in a few crescent rolls and baking them according to the package instructions will produce this deadly delight.

Sides:  Pumpkin Veggies

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Arrange your cut veggies in the shape of a pumpkin.  Your little princesses will have never tasted carrots so good!

Deviled Spider Eggs

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These are just plain cute!

Dessert:  Owl Cupcakes

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Spruce up your favorite staple chocolate cupcake using an Oreo Cookie and a few Reeces Pieces.  These owls will be a hoot with all your little wizards.




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