Easter Egg Trees!

Easter Egg Trees

Easter Egg Trees are a tradition that was started in Germany – it is centuries old, but its origins have been lost. So, the custom is primarily in Germany and Austria, but the colorful eggs and the tradition of hanging them from branches has made it’s way here to the US.

To take part in the tradition, people decorate the branches of trees and bushes with eggs. Eggs are hung on branches of outdoor trees and bushes and on cut branches inside. 

There are many different ways to celebrate your Easter designs, here are several design ideas that could appeal to anyone’s personal needs or desires.

Easter Egg Trees

A Multitude Of Easter Eggs in a Tree

Color and design are the best inspiration when creating your pastel enthused Easter fun. 

One tree featured can be filled to the absolute brim with every imaginable decoration of an Easter egg. However, we must appreciate the amount of time it takes to decorate and hang each of these Easter eggs:

A tree with several different decorative eggs, ranging from plain colors to patterns makes a lovely configuration of several different points of view.

Easter Egg Trees

Decorate Your Easter Egg Tree Delicately

Because there are plenty of branches doesn’t mean you need plenty of colors or matching patterns, nor does it mean you need to put an egg on every branch if that’s not a style that suits your fancy.  Something simple and delicate may be what you’re looking for.

Some trees might feature two separate colors that compliment each other but also create a pattern throughout the tree themselves. Not every branch needs to be full, but that makes the ones with eggs that much more eye-catching.

Your tree doesn’t have to be large and over the top. Rather make it simple and small, something you can put on your kitchen table. Remember, even with Easter eggs, sometimes less is more.

Make Fantasy and Imagination Your Friend

Easter is a holiday where the hunting of eggs is mainly for the children. That’s because they still live in a world where bunnies exist and imaginations run free. Their fantasy comes to life during holidays, so why not let your designs come to life as well?

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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