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Creating Christmas Traditions through Design

Decorating for the holidays is always a sentimental time of remembrance. It never fails that I will pull at least one decoration from storage that I had forgotten that I had. These items are usually the ones closest to our hearts and are often accompanied by a story of a loved one or a memorable time in our lives.

Our expert contributor and designer, James Swan, shares with us his holiday design inspiration that helped him give a decorated family tree sentimental value that will provide years of memories and Christmas traditions.

“With 20 years of custom residential interior design work experience we’ve decorated many houses for Christmas. Recently we put a nice twist on a clients holiday tree by incorporating a family heirloom (antique train set) and some very current social concerns. The client felt it important that their young children be reminded of their community involvements (mom and dad both are active in a number of local charities). So we involved the kids in creating small plaques identifying the local community groups the family supports. We then fixed these to their great-grandfathers train set and the kids got to visit each organization and spend time helping in the volunteer centers. It put a very “real” spin on what was otherwise just another pretty holiday decor.”

James Swan, Principle, James Swan Interior Design

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