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5 Ways to Decorate Your Black Door in Time for Christmas

Black french doors decorated with holiday lights and metalic ornaments

I think black doors are so classic.  Representing chic, elegance and class, completes the stark, white exterior porch look of some luxury homes.

One thing that the black door is not, is unique.  This time of year presents an opportunity to decorate black doors in the holiday and Christmas spirit.

Truedor, whom supply black composite doors themselves, have put together a guide for decorating your black front door this Christmas. Here are their five suggestions:


Whimsy and Wonder

Black front door with whimsical holiday decor

Image from smallhomelove.com

What is more spectacular this year than a Winter Wonderland scene?  So why not recreate it on your door step.  The black door provides a perfect backdrop for this whimsical and ice scene at the front of your home.


Light the Lights

Black french doors decorated with holiday lights and metalic ornaments

Image from veranda-interiors.com


A string of fairy lights is a touching finish to give off that glow of warmth on a bitter evening in December.  A popular way to make your black door shine and stand out this time of year, you can drape some fairy lights around your front door, couple with metallic baubles.  The baubles themselves add additional spark when they reflect the light and enhance that magical feel.


Make it Personal

Snowman shape wreath Christmas decor with red scarf on a black door

Image from imgfave.com

Who doesn’t like to receive a gift with a personal touch?  After all, Christmas is a time to show your love and a great opportunity to add a personal touch.  Let your personality shine on your front door by making a unique feature to add.  The above image shows a simple and effective snowman that is sure to put a smile on the faces who those who passby.  It even comes with its own tophat and festive scarf!


Add a Gift

Light up gift box entry porch Christmas holiday decor

Image from ebay.co.uk

One of the first thoughts that comes into everybody’s mind when they think of Christmas is gifts.  But who said gifts should be kept under the tree at Christmas?  Why not go one step further by replacing your plants with some oversized gift boxes this time of year.  Adding lights inside the boxes adds that extra touch of sparkle this season.


Sparkle and Colour

Fun bright colorful Christmas decor on black decor

Image from worldinsidepictures.com

You can tell the image above is of a family with kids.  They have made their black door as bright and colour as they can to make this Christmas fun.  Getting kids involved in decorating your front door this winter is a great way to get into the family and festive spirit.

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