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It is the start of wedding season and bridal showers are already under way.  We sent out a call to our experts looking for advice on DIY Wedding and Shower decor.  Interior designer, Tania Scardellato, shared her diy wedding with us and how she stretched her dollar while creating the fairy tale wedding of her dreams.

A Champagne Wedding on a Beer Budget

Every girl dreams of a glamorous Wedding with the white princess dress, a horse and carriage and all the bells and whistles that come with that special day. But, let’s face it… money does not grow on trees and weddings are expensive. Yet, being that girl I wanted it all. Using my creative back ground in Interior Design I decided to have a diy wedding and make everything; from invitations, bomboniers, flower arrangements, center pieces, guest charts, table settings, interior decoration and even my own wedding album. Here are a few of those memorable items.

My best advice for a DIY Wedding is as follows:

  • Go to wedding shows, every town has one, and bring a camera.
  • Cut out your favorite pictures from wedding magazines and create a mood board.
  • Finally, pick a theme and stick with it, remembering to keep it simple.
  • Find your local scrapbooking shop, ask lots of questions. Some of these shops have workshops, take a few if you are a beginner.
  • Get your bridesmaids to help, have a DIY day, just make sure the martinis are reserved for the end of the day as the glue gun can be dangerous.

Your budget is Key, I spent $500.00 for all the paper and supplies. If you think about it that’s the cost for hiring someone just to do the invitations for 125 guests, I had 250. This wedding was fabulous and glamorous and I felt like a princess in a fairytale. It was so great in fact that I was contracted to do 3 other events.

Tania Scardellato,Interior Designer, TOC design

What is your best diy wedding tip?

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