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Tips and Ideas for Successful Family Photos

Taking family photos can be a daunting experience.  We plan the perfect outfits, sit down in a formal setting, put on our best smiles (which sometimes are actually our worst smiles), tilt our heads, raise our heads, move our hands here, sit, stand, kneel…..  all after waiting well past our sitting time.  We are usually left with something that resembles the Cleaver family… on drugs.

Good family photos can be taken!  We scoured the internet to find the most creative (and recreate-able) family photos to share with you. Notice how not one of them were taken in a studio.  Check out the following unique and fun family photos and groupings that may inspire you.

Family Photos

Somewhere along the line family photos adopted a “matching rule”.  This usually entailed Mom & Dad dressed in some sort of neutral color, with the kids in matching sweater vests, and eventually evolved to jeans and a white t-shirts across the board.  See how this family incorporated color – and lots of it! – into their photo for a fun and intriguing picture.

Using props can be a fun way to spruce up your family photos!  Get creative and try using a prop that means something personal to your family…  like an old bicycle, gardening tool, bench or…  picture frame.

Be yourselves!  Pictures true to who you are as a family are lively and funny.  Looking at this family, I see my own!

Wedding Family Photos

Cute idea!  I don’t see one…  but, I’m wondering if there was a heart mapped out in the grass.  If not – this may be a time consuming option.  But, really so cute.

What an awesome way to celebrate your marriage and the people who will support you throughout your union!  This photo may take a bit of planning, but is very nostalgic and sweet.

Family Photo Groupings

Once receiving your photos back from printing it is often a challenge to know how to place them in a manner pleasing to the eye.  These are some creative and well-placed groupings of family photos on display.

Using matching frames and an accent color really ties these photos together, even though they were taken at many different times and places.

Good luck planning your next session for family photos!  What is your favorite family photo success story?

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