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Design inspiration comes in many forms. Artist, Alice Shapiro, found her inspiration while visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art and created the following digital masterpieces. She gives us a bit of her insight to each piece and shares the original images that struck her imagination.

Color is Healing, Color is Fun. My red HEARTS design, a primitive-style motif with a modern flavor, was inspired by art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art collections. HEARTS will brighten your décor and make you smile. The color red, according to Christine Tse Interiors who writes about color in design in our January newsletter, is stimulating, energizing and oozes warmth. She recommends red in a playroom, kitchen or any area that has activity. Our HEARTS design is a perfect Valentines Day accent piece and also opens your heart all year round.


Hearts design inspired by several pieces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art collections (not on display).
– Nine of Hearts late 18th-19th century – Heart Amulet Third Intermediate Period – Heart Dish 1740-60


Dress Ornament


Dress Ornament ca.1923 Georges Fouquet (French 1862-1957). French Art Deco style influenced by exoticism and theatricality of the Far East. Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection (not on display).






Many thanks to Alice Shapiro for sharing her beautiful and inspiring work with us. You can find more of her art work on her website, find-your-niche-decor.com.

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