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Original Art from Independent Artists for a Truly Unique Design

You can purchase art prints, photos and even framed canvas paintings at almost any store, mall or big box retailer. But, if you’re trying to design a unique space that’s just for you… mass produced art pieces are the last thing you want.

Finding Original Art from Independent Artists

That’s why we love finding websites that sell art and photography prints from independent artists at reasonable prices. Here are some of our  recent fabulous finds:


Above is the original art piece “Dance of Color – Smoke Photography” by Alexander Butler. It’s available at RedBubble.com.

Below is “Miss P’s Feathers” by coppertrees. It too is available at RedBubble.com.


Each of these original art pieces is full of color and style – and you can guarantee that you won’t see them hanging in your neighbor’s house. Independent artists create such fabulously unique pieces that each of us finds something different that we can fall in love with.

Displaying Your Original Art from an Independent Artist

How you display the photos or illustrations from an Independent Artist also gives you a chance to add your own unique style. Mounting is a great option. Mounted pieces are placed on a light frame that can be hung, or set on a shelf, table, mantel, etc.

This print, “Fiat 500, Luca” by Steven Pam is mounted – and available for under $100 at RedBubble.com.

Or, consider displaying a collection of un-framed matted prints in a variety of sizes. They can be stacked interestingly on a shelf or a mantel and easily changed up for seasons, holidays or your evolving taste – without breaking the bank.

This quirky piece called “chlorine summer – 2” by victor is availble with a bright white matte at RedBubble.com.

Don’t fall victim to the mass-produced art propped up by the checkout lane in your local grocery store. Start looking at the original art that independent artists are developing and surround  yourself with truly unique, inspirational works of art.



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