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Art As A Badge of Courage For Breast Cancer Survivors

Dig This Design is proud to bring you images of beautiful warriors that have survived breast cancer and turned their experience into works of art.

p.ink is an initiative that brings breast cancer survivors together with tattoo artists who give another option besides reconstruction surgery. This allows women to express themselves artistically by using the geography of their bodies with art, making them proud of who they are and what they have been through.



Heidi Wagner Photography

Tattoo artist Friday Jones and breast cancer survivor Karen celebrating Karen’s new mastectomy tattoo at P.ink Day Boulder. The smiles says it all and the art creates the confidence to shine.


Image Source

The artists that give their work for this cause are heroes too. What they give to these women is so important and should be honored for the good work they do.

geometric tattoo

Tattoo by ROXX

Diane’s tattoo is by Roxx, a pioneer of visual art, who’s canvas is the human form.

Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project (BCABPP) is an ongoing project created by Michael Colanero, to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer causes. Keegan, is one of the artists who have painted many of the amazing women featured below. The models are interviewed to get a feel of their personality and collectively come up with the theme of their body art. The artwork is created with a combination of hand painting and airbrushing. Once the body painting is completed, Michael Colanero takes the final photos, creating a meaningful image for each woman.


Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project


Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project



No longer do the scars of the fight against breast cancer need to be hidden. They can be displayed to show the true warrior quality that each and every survivor who has fought the fight has. They can embrace the beauty of their bodies once again and wear their battle scars as their badge of pure courage.

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