You might see epoxy flooring in a hip café or boutique and wonder if you can pull the look off in your own home. If the sleek style of resurfaced concrete appeals to you, then here are four areas of your house to incorporate this attractive flooring. So, if you’re looking for a great aesthetic with lots of durability, continue reading to learn how to use epoxy flooring in your home.

How to Use Epoxy Flooring in Your Home

How To Use Epoxy Flooring In Your Home

⎆ Driveways and garages are ideal for epoxy flooring.

Your driveway plays a big role in establishing your home’s curb appeal, so finishing yours with epoxy can be a great way to keep it looking fresh and beautiful despite the beating yours might take. An epoxied concrete driveway will be resistant to the cracking and staining that can mar most driveways over time, and there’s no polishing required to maintain its sharp looks. A simple power-washing is often all it takes to clear away any build-up or debris.

Extending the epoxy finish from the driveway into the garage is a logical choice, for many of the same reasons. An epoxied garage floor is virtually impervious to chemical and oil stains, so leaks and spills won’t damage the surface. You can easily clean the dirt and mud that active families track onto garage floor, with no permanent marks left behind. Contact installers of epoxy floors in Lakewood Ranch FL or in your area to discuss your options.

⎆ Patios and decks are highly durable with epoxy flooring.

Outdoor spaces like balconies, patios, and decks are also ideal areas in which to incorporate epoxy flooring. Despite exposure to the elements year-round, epoxy is durable and lasts for decades. Unlike concrete or other outdoor surfaces, dust, dirt, and UV rays won’t discolor epoxy, and it won’t erode under heavy rains or snowfalls.

If you have a pool or any other outdoor water feature, epoxy is an especially smart choice. Not only is epoxy waterproof, but it can also be more slip-resistant than tile or other surfaces. It remains cool to the touch, so it’s comfortable to walk on an epoxy surface on even the hottest of pool-party days.

⎆ Kitchen are a fantastic option for epoxy flooring.

If case you think epoxy is only for the outdoor areas of your home, it’s a fantastic option in your kitchen as well. Epoxy’s aforementioned stain resistance and easy cleanup are obvious perks in a room where spills and sloshes are common occurrences. Because epoxied concrete is resistant to wear and tear, it’s an ideal flooring choice for high-traffic rooms like kitchens.

To fit with your design aesthetic, epoxy flooring is available in a vast variety of looks. You can make a statement with a monochromatic, high-gloss coating, or go for the classic look of marble or quartz. Pearlized or metallic elements also go into epoxies to create eye-catching appeal. In fact, even geometric or faux-wood patterns are interesting. There’s almost no limit to the kitchen styles you can complement with epoxy. This is a great example of how to use epoxy flooring in your home!

⎆ Bring epoxy flooring into your bathroom.

Finally, your bathrooms represent another opportunity for bringing epoxy flooring into your home. The same slip resistance provided by epoxied decks and patios is a clear benefit in what can arguably be the wettest room in your house. Epoxy is also seamless, meaning there is no grout to scour and fewer cracks and crevices in which bacteria can accumulate. Beyond its hygienic qualities, epoxied concrete gives you the same decorative options in your bathrooms as in any other area of your home. That means your washroom design choices are limitless.

In conclusion.

With its durability and stylishness, epoxy flooring might be the perfect choice for many areas of your home. With proper installation, epoxied concrete can be a beautiful, low-fuss design option that you can enjoy for decades to come.

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