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Find Inspiration in Vintage Style

Bringing vintage style into any decor reminds you of another time, inspiring a reminiscent feel. A nostalgic atmosphere adds a unique twist to the human experience, as a guest, an onlooker, or even a patron.  Like the feelgood romantic comedy, Midnight In Paris you too can find your inspiration by being transported to another era on your next night out on the town!

Take a look at the following vintage design:

From the European perspective of Los Angeles’ nightlife group Medium Rare Entertainment, comes The Wellesbourne.

The Wellesbourne

Medium Rare asked Kristofer Keith of Spacecraft Group to design the 3,000 square-foot space that would combine a rich and elegant atmosphere with a comfortable home-like environment.

The intention was to transport guests to an authentically furnished 19th Century English manor house, featuring a Library, Game room, and Living room complete with a custom-built Victorian fireplace.

A unique design detail for The Wellesbourne is the 30ft mahogany bar that spans through all three rooms.

Overall, The Wellesbourne brings an upscale vibe with dark wood emphasis, cottage windows, and chic wallpaper covered by English countryside paintings throughout.

Many thanks to Anastasiya Kuzmina of the Spacecraft Group for providing us with these incredible photos of an elegant, inspiring, and functional design.

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