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” The Best In Show ” From The International Builders Show in Orlando!

As a professional Interior Designer I try to attend most product shows to stay up on the latest in products for my customers. I have to say that The Builders show isn’t exactly my favorite due to my lack of testosterone. There is a maze of windows and doors and shingles, oh my! What’s a girl to do? As I was navigating through the show something caught my eye. Before me was a booth with an interesting name, “QMotion.” Even more interesting than that was a tall handsome stranger inviting me in to this cleverly designed booth. The young mans name was Chris and he was quite enthusiastic about his company that offered the quietest shade on the market. I quickly challenged him because I knew another automated shade company that boasted the same about their shades and I had actually been to their headquarters. So I leaned in to listen and he was right, not a sound did I hear.

Tina Krauss, Chris Wysoczynski and Patricia Davis Brown

He’s cute huh? All Joking aside I am very excited about this product for many reasons. Not only is it a quiet shade it’s wireless and able to be fully automated with their web-based interface. This was the perfect product for my remodels. Every room that I remodel I do a mathematically formulated lighting plan to fit the space. This is especially important in kitchens where a lot of activities go on. Another important component to the lighting is the automation, how everything is going to be controlled. Unlike other very expensive automation systems that will only work with their systems, QMotion is compatible with lights, sensors and thermostats for complete environmental home automation. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when I can save my remodeling customer money that they can put towards pretty things. QMotion as I stated above is a wireless system which is another savings for my customers. As long as the client has a wireless router we do not have to cut any drywall and run wiring, IT’S WIRELESS, which = SAVINGS!

QMotion Shades

As a designer I love the clean design of the QMotion and the absents of cords. Cordless shades are not only beautiful but, are a safety feature by eliminating the possibility of a child or animal strangling themselves accidentally.


The versatility of colors and textures help to meet anyones home decor. You can choose from filtered light or darken a room completely.

QMotions is a HOMERUN HOLDINGS company and they not only offer the QMotions shades and the Home Manager ST control system but, they offer WISP window and door systems as well. WISP offers high-impact-resistant shade that can be deployed from inside the home. The patented system is designed to prevent wind, water and airborne debris from penetrating the shade, should the glass break. The shade can withstand repeated impacts and winds up to 205 mph. Another cost savings I can pass on to my client by avoiding the cost and labor to put up shutters during a hurricane. If the system is working with their home manager ST they can deploy the shades with any computer or droid phone even if they are away on vacation. How’s that for smart innovation?

The International Builders Show ended on a good note. I found my diamond in the rough which made up for my tired and swollen feet. I know my clients will be digging QMotion and I will add it to my library of awesome products!

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