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“A Good Designer Will Showcase Your Signature Style Not Theirs”

Patty's Bedroom A

When an editor is interviewing me for an article on design, it is inevitable that I am asked what my signature style is and my reply is always the same, my signature style is not what is important when designing a clients home. As a professional designer it is my job to interview my client on their project and listen to what they need for that particular room. I then take my notes and develop a picture from their ideas, but take it to the next level beyond their imagination.

During the interview process of choosing a designer for your project, listen to key words that might clue you in to this designer having an ego that would not fit into your room much less being able to design the room for you.

If they say:

” My signature style is…”

” I always do…”

” You always know my work by…”

” I’m recognized by…”

” I I I I I I I … ‘

” Me Me Me…”

I think you catch my drift. You want a designer that starts with a fresh slate every time. Its a collaboration between you and your designer. I look forward to a job that allows me to do something I have never done before and I think my clients appreciate it. I want each and everyone of my designs to be an original for me and my client. Who wants their home to look like every other home in town. Be cutting edge and make a statement.

Sea Quay Kitchen 2

Take a look at the shape of the counter top at this seating area. Notice that it is an asymmetric shape as opposed to straight. To me it adds interest to the design  and makes it it’s own. You don’t have to be over the top in design because that shows it’s self as trying to hard to make it happen which many designers are guilty of.

Sea Quay Kitchen 4

Don’t be a guinea pig to a designer who is trying to make a statement with your home.

Ugly bath room

I would think I was on an escalator and needed to keep running or I would fall on my face if I walked into this bathroom, make it stop please!

A professional designer is hired by you to bring your ideas to life. Make sure you find the designer with the right personality to work with you and your team. I’ve met many designers that try to own the project and think they can boss the team around and that doesn’t work well either. You want everybody on the team to play nice. If you see that your designer is a bully dismiss him or her and get someone else because they will tie every ones hands from doing the job they need to do for you.

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