Window replacements are a great way to improve the overall curb appeal of your home and improve energy efficiency. Sometimes when homeowners get their initial quote for window replacements, they are a little surprised at the total cost.

However, there are very good reasons for this expense. Some of these reasons include loss of energy, windows that stick, too much street noise, security risks, and windows that are simply unattractive. We invite you to continue reading to discover why window replacements are a wise investment for homeowners.

Window Replacements are a Wise Investment

Window Replacements are a Wise Investment

If you want to continue to repair old windows, that will work if your windows are in decent shape and only need minor repairs. When the cost of repair is almost as much as window replacement, then it is time to call the professionals to get your quotes in order.

The right professionals will show you what options are available and get you on the right track to your successful home window replacements.

Raise the Market Value of Your Home

Window upgrades are a relatively good investment because you can get back about 70 to 80 percent of the costs in your home market value. For instance, if the window replacements cost $400, your home’s value will increase by $280 to $320. Add this to your monthly energy savings and you will see that windows replacement actually has a very reasonable return on investment.

Increase Your Family’s Comfort Level

Window replacements

The street noise that enters your home through the old glass in your windows can cause undue stress for your family. In addition, old windows that are easy to break into are a security risk. Of course, new energy-efficient windows also helps maintain an even temperature throughout your home while keeping it free from drafts.

Go Green for a Lower Carbon Print

Do you realize that you might be loosing up to 20 percent of your home heating out the window? Window upgrades to improve energy efficiency is one way to protect your home against the weather. However, it is also a good way to save money on energy costs on a month to month basis after the new windows are installed. Work with your window replacement professionals to know how much savings you can expect in the long run. Add this to the increased value of your home for a winning combination.

But what’s great is, your new windows lower your home’s overall carbon footprint. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, when you replace outdated single-pane windows, the energy savings in heating and cooling offsets up to 6,205 pounds of CO2 emissions which is the equivalent of 317 gallons of gas. Now that’s a benefit we will all enjoy!

Some data for the article is taken from the Knowledge Centre of Big City Windows & Doors Ottawa replacement windows company.

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