Where do you begin to devise a checklist for a home renovation? Are you scratching your head as to what preparations you need to make and what you have to do before your first home renovation? There are several things to consider and get settled before your first home renovation. So, if you are someone who has zero experience with renovations, use our checklist for home renovation to avoid confusion and keep you on task.

Home Renovation; 5 Point Checklist

Home renovation is a daunting task for beginners, however, we are here to help!  In this article, we want to show you what to do to prepare for your first home renovation. So, grab a cup of coffee and review this handy checklist for home renovation.

Home Renovation; 5 Point Checklist

1. Assess Your Budget

One of the most important things when it comes to preparing for your first home renovation is assessing your budget. This is one project where it gets all too easy to get carried away with your vision, but you need to create a list of priorities. If your priority is safety, perhaps budget in the installation of security doors instead of marble flooring. Are you going to be able to afford to pay off your entire renovation without struggling? All these are important factors to consider when planning for your first home renovation. Sometimes less is more, and a good guideline is to make sure you are spending no more than 5% of your home purchase price on renovations.

2. Check Your Local Laws

Do your dreams include a three-story home? There are zoning laws in every location for this type of renovation, so be sure to check with your local authorities before you proceed. Although many minor home renovations don’t need approval from the council or an accredited certifier, we advise that you make sure you have checked the laws before you embark on a renovation project. Each local council has its own unique rules and regulations, and it is much better to be safe than it is to be sorry.

3. Develop Your Plan and Timeline

Develop Your Plan and Timeline

If your home renovation takes place over a period of time, it may be time to decide which rooms you want to renovate first. Then plan each step of the home renovation carefully with a well thought out timeline.

For example, is your bathroom in dire need of repair? Perhaps you want to put that in front of the project timeline. Once you have a clear idea of what needs to be done when hiring a construction company. Then, use your timeline and clearly explain what your renovation entails.

4. Plan Ahead for the Things You Use Daily

Once you have your renovation game plan in place, you then need to pack the rooms before renovations begin. Pack things that are essential, and keep them in a place with easy access. For instance, you don’t want to run around looking for your hairdryer while the renovation takes place in your bathroom. When you plan ahead with the organization of necessities, it aids in the smooth sailing of your project from beginning to end.

5. Clear the Large Rooms for Renovation

Home renovation

When you renovate the larger rooms such as the living room or bedrooms, you need to clear these spaces out before renovations begin. Invest in a secure and convenient self-storage facility, ideally one that is located near your home. This is a convenient way to store items such as your TV, sofa, beds and other large items safe while your home is under renovation. Not only are your things kept safe in storage, but they are also protected from any potential damage or accidents that may occur during the renovation.

After you’ve completed these five steps be sure to contact a qualified local professional who can take your renovation dreams and build them into your home. We hope that this checklist for home renovation has given you some useful tips that will assist you in your home renovation journey.

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