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Eco-Chic Natural Textured and Wood Finishes

Textured and wood finishes today should evolve over time — because that’s real, natural and beautiful, just as Mother Nature made them.

Andrew Franz of Andrew Franz Architect PLLC tells us:

Gone are the plastified, shiny polyurethane wood surface and and forever coatings. Decorators and homeowners are instead adding texture and wood using both reclaimed timbers and new, naturally finished wood. Reclaimed lumber can come old barns or factory floor planks. While it has been popular for a couple of decades, its use has been rather specific and uninspired. Much of the wood has been used to restore old buildings or make new ones look rural and rustic.
Today it’s different, in part with the green building movement: Craft, texture and natural finishes have finally started making a statement — even on the culture and high-design circuits. We’re seeing stunning innovation using both reclaimed and even new wood in more expressive ways that feel more natural, imperfect, tactile and handcrafted. The visual effect is a more human and sensate interaction.

Some favorites:

1. The wide oak floors at Crosby Street Hotel

2. Rubio and Osmo oil finishes for wood. We’ve used them on brushed and smooth flooring for rich results.

3. We recently specified hand-planed reclaimed materials, so the floor itself will gently undulate, rather than being completely smooth.

4. BDDW furniture- using new and reclaimed wood with natural oil finishes.

5. Terunobu Fujimori architecture which features Shou-sugi-ban — or burnt wood siding.

6. Using the natural texture of barnwood for texture for buildings and flooring.

Carlisle Wood Flooring

Many thanks to Andrew Franz of Andrew Franz Architect PLLC for sharing his expertise!

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