Whether it’s for residential use or your office, gas heaters are essential appliances that provide a reliable and cost-effective heating solution during winter. Compared to your modern-day electric heaters, a gas heater is considered to be far better for a number of reasons. 

For starters, gas heaters are more energy-efficient. They also offer quicker heating compared to electric heaters. It makes them the top choice for anyone looking to keep their energy bills low and still maintain a comfortable indoor temperature at work or at home. 

On top of that, gas heaters are also more environmentally friendly than most electric heaters. These gas heaters have a low greenhouse gas emission rate, which means they are not harmful to the environment, at least not as much as electric heaters. Besides, since gas heaters come in a wide range of models and sizes, you can always find something that will cater to your needs and budget.

Of course, gas heaters turn out to be unreliable at times, mostly because of maintenance and minor mechanical issues. One common problem that users face is that their gas heater doesn’t stay lit for too long.

But what’s the reason behind this, and what can you do about it? Let’s find out.

Reasons Why Your Gas Heater is Not Staying Lit

gas heater

When your gas heater fails to stay lit, it can get frustrating. It can also get dangerous. Here are a few reasons why your gas heater is not staying lit and what you can do to fix it. 

Pilot Light Issues with a Gas Heater

The pilot light is the small flame that initially helps ignite your heater’s gas burner. If your heater’s pilot light is not staying lit, it’s probably because the pilot tube is dirty or clogged. It might also fail to stay lit because of a faulty thermocouple or even a gas supply issue. 

To deal with such pilot light issues, you need to first check the gas heater valve and make sure it is on and that the pilot tube is clean and free of debris. You can easily clean a pilot tube using a small wire brush or compressed air. In the case of a faulty thermocouple, you have to replace it.

If you still have problems with the pilot tube or your gas heater in general, this gas heater repair service page can provide you with additional information. Go through FAQs on the page that discuss problems associated with a gas heater. You can also reach out to the page via the contact details provided to inquire what their professional heater repair services will cost you and when it might be necessary for you to call in such professional help.

Dirty Burner

When you have a dirty or clogged burner, chances are high that the gas won’t burn as efficiently as it should. This will result in a weak flame and can cause the gas heater to turn off. 

You can easily fix this problem by cleaning the burner with a small wire brush. If that doesn’t work, consider replacing the burner entirely. It’s possible that the dirt has rendered it inefficient to the point where it won’t even start. 

Faulty Gas Valve

The gas valve on your gas heater allows you to control the flow of gas to the burner. It is the mechanism that’s responsible for regulating the heat output of your heater. A faulty gas valve can result in an irregular flow of gas. This, in turn, leads to a weak flame and often forces the burner to stop altogether. 

Replacing the gas valve is the best option here. Consider hiring a professional heating system repair service to do this job for you. 

Low Gas Pressure

Low gas pressure can result from a lot of factors. These include gas leaks, faulty regulators, and interruptions to the gas supply due to dirt or other reasons. 

Check for visible signs of gas leaks first and then the regulator. Clean the pipes to make sure the gas supply remains constant. If nothing works, you might have to get a new heater or call in a professional.

These were all the reasons why your gas heater is not staying lit and what you can do to fix it. Some of these gas heater issues are a bit complicated to deal with, while some you can fix on your own with a little help from DIY YouTube videos. However, if you fail to fix the gas heater, your best bet is to call a professional or replace the heater entirely.

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