All housekeepers want to have safe and convenient households. They supply them with all types of machines and devices. One of them is a tankless water heater because everyone needs hot water for washing and other functions.

Some people do install a tankless water heater on their own. If you need to install a tankless water heater, you have two options. First, you may hire a contractor to complete this task instead of you. Second, you may learn everything you need here!

If you’re shopping for a tankless water heater, we suggest that you continue reading to learn what you need to know.

Your Guideline to Installing a Tankless Water Heater in Your Home

How to Install a Tankless Water Heater

Warnings and Precautions

Prior to beginning the installation, make sure you the knowledge and the necessary items. You should know all tankless water heater installation requirements. For example, you may need a special union connector to run the procedure of future maintenance easier and faster. Of course, the primary concern is the size, model, and type.

The main difference between a tank and tankless water heaters is the absence of the tank in the latter. A tankless heater takes into account the amount of water necessary for the flow rate.

The cost of installing a tankless water heater is likewise vital. Many homemakers prefer the tankless type thanks to its compact size and higher power potency.

Steps to Follow

Are you sure you want to do it yourself (DIY). If the answer is yes, continue reading for instructions about how to install the tankless water heater step-by-step.

1. Turn It Off

The first step is easy but important. You should turn off the main water incoming line of the house.

2. Disconnect the Old Heater

The second step is to disconnect the supply line that was connected to the old unit. Make sure to take an empty bucket and place it under the water bib because some water will surely remain in the system even though you have turned it off.

3. Disconnect Heat Source from Old Water Heater

Now you should disconnect your heat source from the old unit. Make sure you follow our instructions strictly!

  • Gas unites – close the supply valve. Pay attention to the handle and turn it if it’s necessary. You surely know when the valve is on.
  • Electric – unplug it from the wall outlet. Nothing special, isn’t it?

4. Remove It from Its Old Place

After you have completed the second and third steps, you should remove the old water heater from its parking space. There is a vital warning. You ought to replace it in strict accordance with the laws in the location you live in!

5. Get Ready for the New Unit

The next step is to take the box with the new tankless water heater, get it out with other instruments. You may start the installation.

6. Define the Location and Laws

First, determine the right location to install the appliance. Also, check the state and local building codes to be sure you do not violate the law.

7. Mount It

Next, read the instructions carefully to avoid costly mishaps. Every manufacturer has various instructions on the specifications of the construction.

8. Hook It up

The next step is hook up all the connections to make the unit ready to function. In case you purchase a gas water heater, install ventilation ducting.

Begin with the supply line or water line. Afterward, move to the heat source. Also, if you use an electric unit, plug it into the wall. If it is a gas variant, hook up a gas supply line. Be sure to open the valve and see that the handle is in the same direction. The last step is to light the pilot and enjoy your warm shower!

Where to Find a Good Water Heater

The process of installation is pretty simple, isn’t it? Many people can easily do that, but not all of them know where to find a good tankless water heater. We will help you to find a perfect unit for your needs. Next, consider the following:

1. Use the Internet

The resourcefulness of the internet is huge, and you will find a lot of information there. In fact, you can find feedback, descriptions, and presentation of various brands of tankless water heaters. Besides, you will define what store offers the best prices.

2. Read customers’ reviews

It is always important to know people’s opinion who use a certain product, no matter what you intend to buy. They will surely provide vital details about the usefulness and reliability of a model and type of water heater.

3. Ask for referrals

Another way to learn trustworthy facts is to ask people you know. These may be your friends, relatives, colleagues, or acquaintances. Ask if they have ever installed a certain type or what they know about water heaters. Their information may be important.

4. Surf social media

Don’t forget to check social media platforms. Facebook or Instagram offers various forms of information that may help to choose the right option. YouTube offers video reviews with all the necessary facts, pros, and cons.

5. Contact the service center

Finally, contact the local service centers. Ask professional advice and compare the conditions of various centers.

6. Read and be aware of the warranty.

We also want to provide one more tip, which is related to the choice of the right heater. It will surely help to avoid certain mistakes. When you buy a water heater, be sure to check with the warranty to ensure your contractor’s are liable for accidents and mistakes during  the installation and repairs.

In conclusion.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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