Weatherford, Texas, residents are preparing for another harsh summer season, and are you in need of an air conditioning repair? No one wants to start their air conditioning only to have unfamiliar sounds or foul odors coming from the unit. These are warning signs of problems that need taking care of before the system is put to use. If not, the issue will worsen, creating further damage until there’s a malfunction or a complete shutdown. That can be dangerous with intense heat outside.

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Air Conditioning Repair

 You might be hesitant to contact a trusted professional repair contractor like Bates H&A for fear they’ll find nothing actually wrong with the system, but it’s always better to be prepared than neglectful. 

Let’s check out a few other tips that will let you know it’s time to contact an expert to inspect your system for possible repairs, or perhaps it might be time to invest in a new, more energy-efficient model. (That would depend on age and condition).

What Are Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioner is experiencing issues, often there will be red flags that you need to pay attention to. Sometimes you’ll notice possibly a strange noise; it could be a nasty smell or numerous other things. 

The priority is to contact a professional repair contractor in your local Weatherford, Texas, area who can do an inspection and make the necessary corrections before the issues turn into significant problems. Find out a few things you need to know about your A/C system as a homeowner here. Some tips to be mindful of:

The A/C is Aged

Many units that receive adequate professional servicing and proper homeowner care and upkeep can last as long as 17 years, depending on the model. Once you see approximately ten years, you should have an inspection to ensure the unit is still functional and efficient to progress forward for a few more years or if it’s time to replace the system.

As air conditioning technology modernizes, the equipment becomes more energy-efficient for air conditioning repair. It might become more affordable to replace if your system receives routine repairs and energy costs have risen over time. 

Weak Airflow

Stroll through the household areas with your handheld in front of each of the air vents as you pass through the rooms. If the airflow is weak, you might have a clogged air filter or, in the worst-case scenario, there is damage to the motor. The first step is always to check the filter first as the most budget-friendly option. These gather a lot of dirt and debris. Once the filter is clogged, the air can’t get through, causing the system to work harder for airflow. 

The filters need changing at least every 90 days, but the suggestion is to shoot for every 30 days, especially if you’re in a high-pollen or dust area, have pets or children, or live with someone suffering from respiratory issues. If the filter doesn’t resolve the problems, a air conditioning repair contractor will need to inspect and possibly replace the unit’s motor. 

Warm Air Comes From the Vents

Your air conditioner should never produce warm air. If that is happening, the compressor could have a problem. If you have an old thermostat, that could also be an issue. Start with the lesser of the two costs by replacing the thermostat to see if that corrects the problem. If there is still an issue, you’ll need to contact the experts to find the true cause and make the necessary corrections. 

Attempting to DIY a complex issue in an intricate system can create more damages and make the repairs that much more involved, causing a substantially higher expense for fixing the problems.

Foul Smells Emitting From the Vents

If there is a “musty smell” coming from the vents, mold growth within the air ducts is possible. Living with this fungus is hazardous in many ways, especially to human health, making it essential to clear it out of the household.

If it’s more of a burning smell, the power needs to be switched off immediately. When this happens it means there’s an electrical problem. Neglect could result in a fire in more severe instances. You don’t want to judge whether it’s severe or not, nor should you attempt to work with the system without adequate HVAC experience. Call for a professional inspection right away for air conditioning repair.

You Have a Leak

The air conditioning unit should never have pools of water surrounding it. If the system is leaking, there are a few possibilities for the trouble like a dirty filter, coils frozen, drain line clog, low refrigerant level, drain pan damage. 

When you notice there’s a leak, call for HVAC service immediately. Procrastinating allows the problem to worsen and can create water damage in the household. Eventually this will cause mold growth, leading to health problems for the residents. 

It would help if you always were proactive to avoid causing yourself excessive costs. Warnings give you the opportunity to fix something early and for less cost before it gets bad. Why wait? Go here to ask the question “does your A/C need a repair.”

Energy Costs Have Risen 

When energy costs spike with no cause, the air conditioner is typically the reason. Whether the system has some age or damages, it has become less efficient and works harder to cool the household. When you notice a consistent period of higher than usual utility costs, it’s wise to turn to professionals for an inspection to learn what would be causing the system’s inefficiency. 

It could be a simple correction for the expert to make. But, you might need to replace an older system with a new, more efficient model.

Final Thought on Air Conditioning Repair

Regardless of how minute the problems you’re having in your Weatherford, Texas, home with your air conditioning unit, it’s always good to have a professional air conditioning repair contractor inspect the system and make sure it’s operating at peak performance. 

While there, the tech can make any corrections to the unit or advise if it might be necessary to invest in new equipment if yours has gone past the recommended age. It’s always better to be proactive and safe rather than neglectful and ultimately regret it.

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