One of the biggest nuisances in a home is a termite problem. They are tiny bugs that create a lot of damage if they are not spotted early on. Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, identifying the early signs of a termite infestation is vital before it becomes a big issue.

If any of these signs pop up in your home or rental property, call pest control in Phoenix immediately before you need to spend thousands of dollars to get rid of the termites.

Find Out the Signs of a Termite Problem

Do I have a termite problem?

Windows or Doors are Stuck Might be a Termite Problem

One of the first signs that you may have a termite problem is if your windows and doors feel stuck or have suddenly become more challenging to open or close. The reason for this is those termites like the easy access to the wood that is found on doors and windows. As they eat the wood, it will cause it to warp, which is the reason it may become difficult to open and close them.

Damage Underneath Paint or Wallpaper

Termites are known for creating tunnels, also called galleries, along with tiny pin holes as they feast on the cardboard and wood paneling underneath the surface of your walls. Most of the time, they may be able to do this without damaging your paint, so it sometimes is not noticeable until you begin a home renovation project. But, if you notice a slight difference in the appearance of your paint or wallpaper, such as small pinholes, peeling, or bubbling, you may want to double-check to ensure it is not a termite problem.

Discarded Wings and Swarmers

Termites are known as swarmers, so if you see any in your home, it is a clear sign that you most likely have an infestation. It will be most common to see them around springtime when they begin to emerge so they can find potential mates. They do not live very long indoors, so if you find discarded wings around your window sills or doors, that is another clear sign of a possible termite problem.

Mud Tubes, a Sign of a Termite Problem

If you suspect you may have termites on your property, check by walking around your property and looking for mud tubes. These are the appearance of narrow veins along the side of the home. They usually begin from the ground and run along areas where the wood is exposed.

Termite Droppings

Finally, if you find termite droppings, also known as frass, that is an indication you have a termite problem. These droppings occur as termites eat through wood. They digest it and then push the droppings out of their colony so they do not create buildup. These droppings are usually wood-colored and have a pellet shape to them. You may confuse them for wood shavings or dust.

Termites can cause significant damage if not caught early on. If any of these signs show up in your home or rental property, call a professional to come to check it out immediately. Do not wait until the damage has become vast and expensive.

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