Successful cleaning business: we divided the Successful cleaning industry into commercial, industrial, and residential categories. Commercial cleaning occupies 55% of the industry, followed by industrial cleaning at 30% and residential cleaning at 15%.

All these can be very profitable, as long as you mobilize the resources to make your business run smoothly. And one critical resource that your business needs is technology. (1)

Technology helps you to optimize your business processes. Currently, 70% of companies either have already gone digital or are in the digital transformation process.

Among these companies are cleaning companies. There are various innovative ideas for cleaning companies, innovative cleaning tools, and procedures that are changing the way managers operate their cleaning business.

These technological advancements have also altered how employees carry out their jobs. (2)

What makes a successful cleaning business and cleaning service unique?

The latest trends of cleaning service technology for a successful cleaning business: Learn about How to start a cleaning business from scratch. For your cleaning company to gain a competitive advantage, use smart technology available at your fingertips to help you in the following ways:

Successful cleaning business owner using her cell phone app.

1. Scheduling tools

If you manage a team of workers, it’s best to use scheduling tools like the one developed by Jobber. Such tools make management easy.

For one, you can effectively assign tasks to your crew without worrying about double booking. No two team members can be mistakenly assigned the same job.

Similarly, no staff member can be assigned two different jobs at the same time. Such easy scheduling helps save time and is an effective use of resources.

Scheduling apps also allow you to do:

  • Send real-time notifications to technicians
  • Quickly reschedule site visits with easy-to-use drag-and-drop features.
  • Allow your team to use route optimization tech to minimize journey time and fuel

2. Time-tracking tools

Tracking time with GPS is a really smart feature that uses geofencing technology to define geographic boundaries. It allows you to set up triggers to get alerts when the device enters or exits the boundaries you’ve set. (3).

This way, the app can help to notify you when jobs have been completed, and the team is on its way to the next appointment.

This can then trigger an SMS text to your next customer to say that a member of the team will be with them shortly, or indeed an SMS text to ask whether the previous customer was happy with the service they received.

Time trackers also have a scheduling feature that allows you to create recurring or onetime shifts. You can get notifications if anyone starts late, leaves early, or misses their shift. Such complete command of your team is part of what makes a business successful.

3. Lead generation tools

As your client base grows, so too does the revenue generation. On this account, it’s critical to employ practical strategies to attract new customers to your business consistently. You may use lead generation tools.

These basically automate nurturing targets in the sales pipeline so that you are front on mind when they are ready to buy. They also help you manage your sales communications efficiently.

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools

CRM software is one of the biggest software markets worldwide. It’s growing at a fast rate and is expected to reach over USD$80 billion in revenue by 2025. (4)

So CRM tools make it easier to communicate with potential and current clients. But A well-organized system facilitates you being able to address customer needs on time. It will usually integrate all the messages you receive across all your communication channels.

So For that reason, you won’t have to switch from app to app. Also, you won’t miss any urgent notifications from your clients. You can also access interactions you’ve had in the past with customers who needed or inquired about your cleaning services.

In addition, CRM tools have useful features, such as knowledge databases, ticket forwarding, and chatbots that make it easier to communicate with and serve your customers. And given that most of them are cloud-based, you can quickly access your customers’ data on time from wherever you are.

5. Social media marketing

Just like other businesses, you must market your cleaning business online if you want to be competitive. Building one-on-one customer relationships are crucial. Social media enables you to effectively engage with your audience and reach more prospective customers.

In business, it’s advisable to know where your customers hang out and join them there. If most of your potential clients are on social media, it’s only logical for you to set up your pages there and communicate with them in a way that is appropriate, helpful, and engaging.

Eventually, your cleaning business will become more popular among your target audience, and your followers will be interested in hiring your services. (5)

Social media also makes it easy for satisfied clients to refer their friends to your company. So They can do this by sharing your posts with their friends or tagging them in the comment section of your posts. Referrals such as these are huge endorsements for your company and should be acknowledged.

In conclusion

So Using technology in your cleaning business can help you streamline your operations, attract new customers, and become more profitable. Some technological tools you can use include:

  • CRM tools,
  • time-management tools,
  • lead generation tools,
  • scheduling tools,
  • and social media marketing.

Make a point of acquiring and using them in your cleaning business, and you’ll soon reap their benefits.


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