In Costa Mesa, California one of the worst things that can happen is a hot summer day without air conditioning. The dry heat of southern California is infamous around the world, and it’s no different even in the best cities. Dry heat is great for air conditioning in terms of problems like mold or plant growth, but for dust and other blockages, it can get very bad for even the best-maintained air conditioning units.

AC Repairs In Costa Mesa, California


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

You may be tempted to break out the heavy-duty tools, but basic troubleshooting of your air conditioning unit can save you a lot of time, headaches, and money. The first step for any successful repair is checking the fundamentals. First, check your filter. If it’s clogged, it is possible that is the root problem. Here’s a great guide for figuring out where your filter is in the case of central air and how to change it out. There are many possible locations for an air filter, but most of them are somewhere near the furnace, and many of them require only basic tools to change.

If the filter was recently changed, cleaned, or otherwise suitable for the job, try to check the thermostat. Most recent AC units have some means of regulated temperature, as well as many options that can quickly become confusing and mess up a fairly simple fix. Some thermostats have an automatic mode that adjusts temperature (often poorly) in relation to the ambient air. Making sure you have the right settings, as well as batteries for your thermostat, is often the quickest fix of all and one of the most common.

When to Call a Pro

With both the filter and thermostat normal but your AC still doing nothing (or blowing hot/warm air), it’s time to start considering a local professional. Costa Mesa summers don’t mess around, and the longer you wait the worse it will get. 

Go through some steps first to determine an issue that is possible to repair quickly. Otherwise, call someone. Licensed contractors can be found at Dependable Graham Air Conditioning, Inc. of Costa Mesa, California, and trust me, you don’t want to sit through the heat of a south Cali summer combined with the mugginess of interior space. First, though, let’s take a look at commonly understood fundamentals. These will help you in case you don’t need a technician, but also help the technician nail down the problem when they arrive.

Checking the Fundamentals

Pests can have a field day on structures around wires and even sometimes the wires themselves. Most HVAC units have connecting wires around the filter, furnace, and outside units. Check to make sure they’re all plugged in, not degraded, and dry. If there’s a hint that they may not be, turn your power off to check further.

Feel the air above the fan. Is it hot? Is the fan even running? For functional AC units, the fans are active and spitting out cold/cool air. The final step is fairly simple and you want to check for blockages in/around the outdoor unit. 

Plants can grow into the main unit, and dust can block airflow causing problems. Again, turn off the power if possible when checking the internals. Other repair tips can often make the difference when considering a technician or not, but make sure to inform yourself of proper safety protocols before messing with anything.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call a Pro

As with many mechanical things, the pros know best and have spare parts easily available. Never think you have to sit through scorching heat because your spare part needs to arrive in the mail or the hardware store doesn’t have it, at that point it’s easier and quicker to call someone.

As a rule of thumb, if the fix requires a replacement or a special tool, you’ll do yourself and the technician a favor by keeping your hands off it. Be safe, be cool, and your AC will thank you in the long run. After the technician is done, follow their advice to prevent a future issue. Your home will thank you!


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