The summer heat can be oppressive, and when your air conditioning unit suddenly stops working in the middle of the afternoon you’ll do anything to get it fixed. 

With a little understanding of how the system works, you can do some troubleshooting steps to get your AC working again. However, if you’re uncomfortable working with electricity and HVAC components, it’s always best to call the professionals from Eastlake, Ohio, to help with the repairs and maintenance of your unit. Finding a trusted company near you will always be worth it.

Common Issues with an Air Conditioner

Common Issues with an Air Conditioner

There are a few causes of why your air conditioning unit keeps shutting down. It’s best to have a thorough understanding of the issues so you can give more in-depth information to the HVAC contractors regarding repairs.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Might be Leaking from the Refrigerant

Most ACs contain refrigerants that are responsible for cooling hot hair. When this refrigerant level falls below the right amount, it’s best to call the techs from to get it recharged. The experts will also address any leaks resulting in poor refrigerant levels so you won’t experience this issue in the future.

The technicians need to recharge your units with the proper amount of refrigerant. Manufacturers generally specify the refrigerant level since the correct amount will allow your unit to cool your home more efficiently.

Issues with the Drains

An Air Condition’s process of cooling hot air will generally result in condensation. The condensed water typically flows away from the outer part of the unit to prevent damaging the internal components. The moisture can be trapped inside the AC if there’s a clog in the drip pans or condensate drain lines. This excess moisture will increase humidity indoors, producing warm air. This can also damage some parts of your units.

To fix this problem, the right contractors in Eastlake, Ohio, will inspect your drip pans and remove clogs from the drain lines. There will also be cleaning and treatment for algae growth and grime removal to ensure that this does not happen in the future. If the AC is already damaged because of the clogged drains, the experts will give you an estimate for the repairs or replacement of your equipment.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Could Have a Broken Fan

The outside unit of a split-type air conditioner generally consists of condenser coils, fans, and compressors. They work together to produce a cool and comfortable climate indoors, but if the fan is not working as intended, there will be a hindrance to the heat transfer process.

This will result in inadequate cooling of the home and an overheated compressor. This will turn off the unit, and overheating can damage some parts of your AC. It’s best to diagnose this problem with an experienced technician to get the fan back and running again. 

Frozen Coils of the Condenser

When the coils are frozen, there can be glitches in the system. This can result in bad airflow, and the ice can obstruct the system’s processes causing damage. Blocked air ducts or dirty filters can cause freezing. Low levels of refrigerant or leaks can also cause this issue. Learn more ways about maintaining your AC on this page.

The best technicians in Eastlake, Ohio, will be able to diagnose the cause of the frozen coils and make necessary repairs. They can thaw the coils safely and restore your units in no time.

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