Choosing the best above-ground pool can be a hassle, especially if you are looking forward to summer. During cold winter days, most individuals find consolation in their summer memories and cannot wait for this season to start once again. 

Since in-ground pools require a substantial investment, you should in an above-ground model that provides the same enjoyment at a fraction of the cost. While digging isn’t required, homeowners should pay attention to the pool’s weight, which might be too heavy for certain patios. 

Nowadays, popular specialty retailers, such as Watsons, provide a vast assortment of above-ground pools, inflatables, and water toys for the entire family. 

The tips below will assist you in choosing the best model.

Choosing the Best Above-Ground Pool from Watson’s


Chooseing the best Above-Ground Pool from Watson's


Initial considerations

Prior to investing in such a structure, homeowners should make some initial considerations. For instance, the condition and size of your yard will affect the pool’s size and shape. You should measure the area where you plan to locate it and add several extra feet around the perimeter. Choosing the flattest yard area will minimize the process of excavation as well. 

The ideal location would be a sunny area that provides protection from the wind and shields the structure from trees. It will keep the water free of leaves and other sorts of debris. The chosen location is supposed to be close to your electrical breaker box to avoid problems with the pump and filter. 

Consider the size and shape

The size and shape of above-ground swimming pools are worth considering. Once you have measured the amount of space, opt for a model that fits the shape of your yard. Above-ground pools come in rectangular, round, and oval shapes. A narrow yard would benefit from a rectangular model. A square yard works perfectly with a round model. 

The size of this structure is supposed to be adapted to the size of your yard. There should be ample room left around. It lets kids and pets run around and owners maintain the tank. 

Remember to check the homeowners’ association rules in your neighborhood. The worst nightmare for any homeowner is having to remove a tank after it is not to code. Check out nine things you should know about homeowners associations.

Choosing the best construction material

The following consideration when choosing an above-ground pool from Watson’s is the construction material. Soft-side models are polyvinyl, which is soft but strong. It’s important to keep them far from bushes and trees to avoid puncturing. They are easy to inflate and dismantle to store. 

Metal-frame models were more popular in the past. We still use metal frames today. Steel frames are lightweight. This allows them to be installed on decks and bend into various shapes. Aluminum frames are even lighter, but we consider them more expensive. Homeowners should remember metal is sometimes prone to rusting and denting. 

Resin models are probably the most sought after, as this construction material is more durable than most of the other plastics. Resin is highly resistant to oxidation. That contributes to its resistance to corrosion and rust. It’s incredibly tolerant to heat and moisture. Resin frames have a longer lifespan compared to other construction materials. 

In addition, resin remains cold to the touch, even when exposed directly to the sun. It also resists bending and minor damage, such as dents. The link, explains the most prominent resin properties. 

Choose the best type of liner

Another important factor to consider when choosing an above-ground pool from Watson’s is the choice of liner. The outer frame isn’t strong enough to hold the water inside. It will gradually find its way between the joints of the frame. Hence, you would benefit from a liner, which keeps the water inside. It prevents the frame from being damaged, apart from keeping the water restrained. For example, it prevents rust, corrosion, and discoloration. 

There are four liner types available for above-ground pools, including J-Hook, beaded, overlap, and expandable liners. The J-Hook liner is specific for its thickness and shape in the form of the letter J. Beaded liners have vinyl beads that put it in place, whereas overlap liners cover the pool’s edge. Liners are expandable to different lengths and depths to fit the surface. 

Final thoughts

Summer heat is more bearable when splashing around in cool water. Make sure you follow the guidelines during the planning process. This will set you up for success in the future. Your family deserves it!


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