Are you wanting to relocate and looking to save money on a move? Are you considering the sunshine state to be your forever home? Moving to California may be a dream come true, but a hefty financial burden typically comes with moving. Even if you are already enjoying 360 days of sunshine and simply want a change of scenery and decide to move down the street or a different neighborhood, moving can be stressful nonetheless. Besides the stress of packing up your life’s belongings and making new beginnings in a new house, one must consider how affordable such a move can be.

However, with these five genius ways to save money on a move, you no longer have to wait before tilting the balance in favor of California. As one of California’s most experienced long-distance moving companies, we know exactly what you can do to save money.

How To Save Money On a Move

save money on a move

Hire a Professional Moving Company

It may sound counterintuitive, but hiring a professional moving company will indeed save you money on a move. For starters, if you choose to make a DIY move, you run the risk of damaging your belongings. Moreover, you might expect to keep your costs minimum, but renting a truck does not come cheap. Needless to say, all the unexpected expenses that show up along the way eventually exceed your original budget.

However, if you hire a moving company, you know how much it will cost you ahead of time, and you can shop around and find the best price available. So do your research and find a reputable, professional, and affordable moving company to help you with the move.

Moving to a new house can turn out to be a logistical nightmare, so save your sanity and your money by hiring a professional moving company. Read more about the cost of movers here.

Avoid Buying Supplies

We don’t normally pause to think about it, but boxes, bubble wrap, and paper can significantly add up to your cost. Think outside the box, and try to source boxes from unexpected locations. Grocery stores, bookstores, and outlets will undoubtedly have boxes lying around. Instead of paying a fortune on bubble wrap, use your bed linen, towels, and t-shirts to wrap your fragile objects. Only buy supplies you absolutely need, and not before you scout around your house and your neighborhood to find the necessary supplies.

Be Smart & Pack Smart(er)

You might be tempted to pack away everything in boxes just to be done with it. Admittedly, the entire process can be so daunting that you just want it finished. However, be smart and pack smart(er) in a way that utilizes fewer boxes. It might require some careful pre-planning, but it will save you time, space, and ultimately money if you are tactical with your packing.

For example, you can nest some of your kitchen utensils inside others, thereby fitting more items in one single box. The fewer boxes you have, the less money it will cost you to move them.

Disconnect Your Utilities

You may forget to disconnect your utilities in the hassle of packing and moving. Rather than worrying about having to pay utilities for two places at once, and shutting everything off properly, plan ahead to timely inform your utility provider about the date you want their services disconnected. They might even offer you special discounted prices should you choose to transfer their services to your new home. So plan ahead and shop around. It will make a great difference in your budget!

Host a Yard Sale

Hosting a yard sale will not only earn you some money but will also save you money! Think of that ugly vase your boss gave you for x-mas and you never really use? Or how about those out-of-fashion clothes? Your children’s toys they no longer play with? Why spend money to safely pack and move them with you, for things you never use (and, you know, perhaps even hate)?

So, host a yard sale. You know what they say. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Except, in this case, you are the one getting rid of things AND earning money while you are at it.

We have been proudly serving the California area for several years and have closely worked with hundreds of clients who decide to pack up everything and make the sunshine state their forever home.

We, therefore, know first-hand that the most significant source of concern for people is the financial cost of moving. But you should not keep that from stopping you from making your dream move come true.

So follow these five genius ways to save money on a move and get ready to head for the beach.

California is waiting for you.


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