Do you know that over 50% of homes in the United States are carpeted? That’s a lot of carpet cleaning! We all know how to do a quick shampooing of our carpets but do you know how to deep clean your carpet?

It is, in fact important to deep clean your carpets on a regular maintenance schedule. Are you trying to figure out how to deep clean carpet? If you are, we’ve got you covered. Here is a guide on the key things to know and do to keep your carpet looking great.

Your Essential Guide on How to Deep Clean Carpet

How to Deep Clean Carpet

⎆ Don’t Scrub, Blot

If you’re trying to learn how to deep clean carpet, the first thing to consider is how you remove the stain. While it may be tempting to rub your stain away, you’ll actually be doing more damage than good. 

Scrubbing your stain away will not only damage the fibers of your carpet but will likely spread the stain. 

⎆ Club Soda

Did you know that club soda removes most beer and wine stains? It’s undeniably the best carpet cleaner. 

If you notice that the stains aren’t disappearing the way they should be, then add a little bit of white vinegar to the solution. Let this solution sit, then rinse with warm water.

⎆ Freezing Gum

Nothing is worse than dealing with sticky, chewed gum on your beautiful carpet. In order to remove this mess, grab two ice cubes, and press them against the gum. You will want to keep this here for about a minute. 

You will notice that the gum will become solid and easily removable. If this doesn’t work, you can always take advantage of Alpharetta Carpet Cleaners’ deep carpet cleaning special, where they specialize in cleaning carpets.  

⎆ Heat

On the opposite side of the spectrum, heat serves as an excellent catalyst for times when wax spills on the carpet. 

Let’s face it. Trying to clean hard wax that’s already embedded in the carpet can be difficult. Try placing a white cloth over the spot where the wax spilled. Then use the heat from an iron to let the wax melt and lift it from the carpet. 

⎆ Peroxide

We couldn’t complete our list of how to deep clean carpet without mentioning the holy grail which is peroxide. 

If you find yourself dealing with bloodstains on your carpet due to an injury, pour a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the carpet in order to make it disappear.   

How to Deep Clean Carpet and More

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