Many of us have experienced the dread of opening up our energy bills each month. With trepidation, we open that devilish brown envelope to await our financial fate. Fortunately, we can make life easier for ourselves and our wallets by cutting back on the energy that we use. Cutting down on energy usage isn’t just about saving money. In the process, we also lower our carbon footprint and help save the planet. Here are some simple tips to create energy-efficient homes.

How to Create Energy Efficient Homes


When the weather is cold outside, the last thing you need is those cold drafts seeping in through gaps in your door and windows. Adding insulation to your home will keep the cold air out and the warm air in during those perishing winters. Attach insulating strips to your door and window frames. Considering the fact that a quarter of our heat is lost through the roof, loft insulation is a wise investment too.

Replace Devices 

It may be expensive at first, but it might be worth getting rid of your clunky old devices, such as the washing machine and refrigerator. Replace them with newer models that have the words ‘Energy Star Certified’ upon them. In the long run, these products will save you money. When using your appliances, check the manual to find out which settings are energy efficient. Instead of doing multiple smaller loads in your dishwasher or washing machine, wait until your plates and laundry have built up. Doing one large load is more energy-efficient than doing 3 smaller loads. When it comes to water, monitor how much you use. Use less water in your bath, or use the shower instead. You need to stay clean, but you don’t have to be poorer because of it.


The sun is awesome. Not only does it keep us warm, but it keeps us, plants, and other animals alive. The sun can also save us money. Many people are now using residential solar systems to heat their homes and generate electricity, cutting down on those pesky energy bills. In the summer months, you should allow the sun to shine through your windows, filling your rooms with natural light. This way, your house will stay warm as the evening draws in, and you won’t need to touch the dial on your central heating.

Illuminate & Eliminate 

Fluorescent light bulbs are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent ones. They may cost a little more, but they last up to 12 times longer than the average light bulb. Finally, a simple way to save money is to turn off those devices that you aren’t using. For example, televisions and game consoles don’t need to be on all of the time. While the savings are often minimal when they are on standby, you can still turn them off at the flick of a switch. When you leave a room, don’t forget to turn the light off! If more people followed these easy tips, there would be many more energy-efficient homes.

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