Winter can sometimes be relentless, especially in areas known for their freezing temperatures. Knowing that the floors are so cold is enough to deter even the bravest of people from taking a trip to the bathroom, but not when the home has an underfloor heating system.

Many families decide installing a heated flooring system in their homes, but those who have will advise that there are a few preparatory things to do beforehand.

Checklist to Installing a Heated Flooring System in Your Home

installing a heated flooring system

1. Check The Surface Area Of The Rooms

Measure the surface area of each room where a professional contractor like Heavenly Heat will install a heated flooring system. Doing this will give them a good idea of the amount of work they need to do and will be able to provide a more accurate quote for the installation.

2. Advise The Contractor Of The Type Of Flooring

If any carpets or other types of flooring are present in the rooms, take note of these and advise the contractor of them. They would have to remove all the flooring, glue, and other residues to continue installing a heated flooring system. 

Different types of flooring will conduct the heat in different ways. Thus, be sure to tell the contractor the right materials and settings for that specific room.

3. Remove All Items Like Furniture From The Room

Clear the entire room before the contractor starts their work. It helps them to get the project done faster if they don’t have to move things around constantly. Remove all the furniture and other loose items to leave the room bare for the contractors to start their work.

4. Don’t Use The Central Heating For Two Days

The home’s central heating system will connect with the new heated flooring system, and if it is too hot to work with, contractors may be unable to complete the installation. Another problem the heat poses is that it makes the fittings and pipes expand, and connections may fail if the tube shrinks again after installation.

5. Let The Contractor Test The Subfloors

The floor surface underneath the carpet or other flooring options could differ from home to home. If the surface is concrete, the contractor may have to do a calcium chloride test. At the same time, if there are wooden surfaces, a moisture test is in order. These tests will give them valuable information on whether the floor surface will withstand the heat.

6. Have The Contractor Do A Pressure Test

Before the contractor installs the heating system, they should pressure test it to ensure it is safe for use. If the homeowner is unsure, they can ask the contractor for proof that they did the testing. It may seem trivial to ask for, but it is a critical step in the installation process.

7. Gradually Turn On The New System

After installation, gradually increase the temperature of the heated flooring system by one or two degrees per day for the next two days. Doing so will help the flooring material adjust to the new temperature setting.

8. Give Everything Time To Set

The family should give the newly installed flooring and heating system time to set. Limiting the number of people trampling over the floor for the first two days after installation will ensure that everything sets correctly. After that, the family can move the furniture back into the room and start using it as usual.

9. Check The Humidity Levels For Each Room

Heat radiating from the flooring system is a dry type of heat, meaning the family should monitor the room’s humidity levels. If needed, they should add humidifiers or upgrade the humidification system of the home.

10. Follow All Manufacturer Guidelines

Each heated flooring installation will have exact instructions for properly using the system. Families following these carefully will ensure that their flooring system stays operational for a long time.

The Final Tick

Installing a heated flooring system is a big step for any family, but one that they will enjoy for years. That said, hire a professional contractor to ensure that the project runs smoothly. But, given that, the final care of the system is in the family’s hands. They will have a warm and toasty home if they follow all the instructions and directions for their new floor.

The final tick on the checklist would be for the family to enjoy the new heated flooring system. After all, they deserve it after all their hard work preparing their home for installation.


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