There are few moments in life as exciting as when you become a homeowner for the first time. However, you will have more responsibility than before and it is now your job to solve issues with the house.

Here is advice for first-time homeowners to give you a smooth start to this new chapter in your life.

Things you need to know as a first-time homeowner

New Homewoner

Identify Key Components

It’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the important parts of your property. First is the stopcock is which is the mains water tap which can usually be found in the kitchen, bathroom or somewhere that water is used. The stopcock can shut off the water supply, so use this if pipes leak or if you vacate the property for long periods of time. Second, make sure that you know the location of the circuit breaker or fuse box. Look for them in the basement, storage cupboard or hallway. Third, learn how to replace a broken fuse and know how to reset the main breaker in case of a blackout.

Make A Note of Local Services

All homeowners need local services from time to time. Do your research for local plumbers, locksmiths, handymen, electricians, pest control, appliance specialists, window repair specialists, and mechanics. You can find these by word of mouth or by doing an online search for the best services in your area. For example, you may use this site to help you find the best plumbers in Toronto.

Meet The Neighbors

New Homewoner

One of the first things to do as a new homeowner is to meet your neighbors.  It’s a friendly gesture and begins to introduce you to the neighborhood. Also, it’s a good tactic to know your neighbors in case of emergencies or for someone to watch your property while you’re away. Also, develop relationships with your neighbors to create a bond with your environment and to give you a strong sense of safety.


To get a better sense of security, consider the installation of a home security system. The first thing to do is have the locks changed because you never know who has a set of keys. Do a house walk to check all window locks and test fire alarms. If you have a security system, ensure it is in good working condition. Additionally, be sure to pet-proof or child-proof the property if you have pets or children to keep them safe.

Addressing these areas should help you get off to a smooth start in your new home. Happy homeownership!

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