You never know when unexpected holiday guests might drop in and it’s usually a pleasant surprise. While most families plan their holidays months ahead and notify to solidify travel destinations with all family members, it is still wise to be prepared for extra visitors.

Imagine that you don’t expect guests this year and you’re all settled in for a quiet holiday when the phone rings and it’s a favorite niece that you haven’t seen in ages. She tells you that she’s driving through your city in a few hours and wonders if it is ok to stop by and see you. Of course, you want to accommodate your surprise yet very welcome guests and make them as comfortable as possible. Here are some tips that might help you out when unexpected holiday guests arrive.

Prepare for Surprise Holiday Guests

Holiday guests

Fast House Cleaning Tactics

First, enlist the family to roll up their sleeves and start in on the house. Stick to the basics for a quick clean, however. Turn on the lights so you can easily see what needs cleaning the most and brush those cobwebs down. Vacuum the living room, kitchen, hallways, and guest room.

Spruce and freshen up the bathroom and set out guest toiletries and towels. Do the dishes and wipe down the counters in the kitchen. Routinely change your guest room sheets as soon as they leave so they are ready for the next guest.

Gifts to Keep on Standby

If you have a spare corner in one of your linen closets, keep it stocked with several gifts that everyone likes to receive. Keep a small supply of inexpensive holiday gift bags and tissue paper on hand for such an emergency.

Some examples of gifts that will delight anyone are a warm holiday throw or a lovely scented candle. Other gifts that are sure to bring smiles are a box of chocolates or a bag of aromatic coffee beans.

Creative Sleeping Arrangements

If you don’t have a guest room or it is already taken, you might be a little on edge if unexpected holiday guests show up at your doorstep. But don’t let this ruin your holiday cheer because there are other alternatives. First, consider the use of double-duty pieces of furniture such as a pull-out couch or daybed.

Next, invest in an air mattress with an electric pump. A cool bonus with an air mattress is that it folds up nicely for storage in a small space. Additionally, consider the rental of a small motorhome or trailer for your guests. They might welcome this retreat into more private accommodations.

Holiday guests

Have a Beautiful Holiday

Use these tips for your unexpected holiday guests. Plan ahead and be prepared with a clean home, last-minute gifts, and creative sleeping arrangements. But, most of all, have a happy and safe holiday this season.

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