A work-at-home mom spends more time with their families and at the same time, enjoy additional income. If you work-at-home, there are steps you can make to ensure your home business is a successful one. Read on to learn about these five tips for moms working from home.

5 Tips for a Work-at-Home Mom

Work-at-home mom

Set Up Your Work Station

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can work from any room in the house. Your brain needs to get the signal that it’s time to work. You achieve this when you allocate a specific workstation or area.

Arrange your home office in a designated space within your home. You might place a desk in the old baby nursery or find a nook in your living room. It is up to you how big you want your office to be and in which part of your house to place it. The important thing is you work from that assigned area consistently to train your brain to switch from mommy to entrepreneur. It also helps if you dress appropriately (read: no pajamas) even when working from home.

Manage Your Time Properly

Having more time on your hands can be a double-edged sword, whether you work as an online English teacher or a successful independent business owner with Amway. While work-at-home frees up more time for your kids and family, many find themselves less productive during work hours. With no clock-in times to adhere to, some tend to slack off and realize they didn’t get anything done at the end of the day.

Today’s main distracter is the internet, specifically social media. As soon as you open your laptop, log out from your social media. If you don’t need the internet, turn it off. Put your phone away. Identify what distracts you, and try to shut it down when you work.

Set Boundaries With Children

If you have older children, ask them to give you peace and quiet when you work. As early as possible, separate your roles as mom and business owner. Make them aware that when you are at your workstation, you shouldn’t be disturbed unless it’s very important.

Give kids their own play area or fun tasks and games to play while you’re busy. Give nonverbal “do not disturb” signs to younger children, from wearing a prop that indicates you’re on the phone or tying a ribbon on your office door when you need absolute quiet.

Work-at-home mom

Outsource and Ask for Help

As you stabilize your home-based career, you’ll find yourself pressed for time just like when you were working a 9-5 job. Don’t try to do everything — you simply can’t. An article published by The PennyHoarder explains that a work-at-home mom should create a support system to accomplish more.

Determine which tasks you can delegate or outsource. Ask your spouse or kids to pitch in with chores, from loading the dishwasher to vacuuming. If you can afford it, hire a babysitter for a few hours or bring in a weekly house cleaner. You can also sign your kids up for after-school activities to give you more time for afternoon meetings with your clients.

‘Superwoman’ is a Myth

Having kids, a household to run, and a business to grow, there’s simply no way we can do it all.

So stop trying to be perfect, stop trying to do everything, and set realistic goals. Your house doesn’t have to be spotless, and yes, the dishes can wait.

Today’s moms are lucky to have more opportunities to work from home than moms from earlier eras. Whether you choose to work as a freelancer or to run your own independent business from home, it takes some effort to effectively balance motherhood and earning a living. By following these five tips, you will find your way on the path to accomplishing your goals as a work-at-home mom.

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