Why settle for plain and boring interior design color schemes? Your home is your own DIY project where you have full range to make it what you want! We know how important it is to stay up to date with modern technology and design elements.

That’s why you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’re not sure what colors to use inside your home. You know you want to do something different, but you’re not sure what boundaries you need to stay in to ensure it remains updated rather than outdated. 

Luckily, 2020 has some amazing interior design color palettes. You might even have more to choose from than you believe. To help set you off down the right path, continue reading below. 

In our guide, we list several different interior design color schemes in 2020 that you’ll want to experiment with! Let’s start designing!

Interior Design Color Schemes for 2020

1 • Pale Colors with Matte Finishes

Pale colors work well in tight spaces. For any of those small rooms inside your home, you should consider using a pale color palette with matte finishes. The pale colors keep the room feeling more spacious as dark colors make it feel even smaller.

Light tones of different whites work well, but you can play with other colors as well. Think light tones of green, pink, grey, and beige. These softer colors don’t draw too much attention to them but they create a relaxing space. 

Also, consider pairing a few of these pale colors with one another. Because they’re softer colors rather than bold, they blend well with one another rather than competing with one another for the spotlight. 

2 • A Variety of Green Shades

Green is in. The year 2020 welcomes all shades of green into the home. A light shade of olive green and white work wonders. 

Consider painting an accent wall with the olive green and pairing it with olive green sheets. then, leave your furniture pieces and other walls white. The white furniture helps the green stand out, but the green also makes the white feel brighter. 

Using a deep shade of green will make any room feel warmer. Therefore, for a more cozy feel, consider using a darker shade of green such as avocado. It also matches well with just about anything.

Imagine gold hardware and marble countertops resting against an avocado wall. Hanging vibrant, colorful artwork on a dark green wall will also help the artwork pop.

3 • Matte and Metallic Blacks

Black hues are here to stay and 2020 isn’t resisting them. Pairing matte black with metallic black is a great way to bring depth to a room. Imagine a shiny metallic black backsplash in your kitchen with matte black cabinetry. 

The two go splendidly with one another. To help bring some lighter features to the space, you can use bright artwork, brightly-colored appliances, or a vibrant table and chairs. 

Charcoal is another shade of black that’s almost a grey. It looks fabulous with a matte finish and can be used in just about any room. Keep it as an accent wall if you don’t want the room to become too dark. 

4 • Yellows and Whites

Can’t you picture a beautiful spring day? The windows are open, fresh air circulates your home, and everything in that very moment is perfect. You can keep this wonderful feeling throughout the year by incorporating yellows and whites into your home’s interior. 

Yellow hues bring happiness and light to a room, just be sure not to go overboard with it. Use your yellow shades as an accent wall or in small details throughout the room such as an accent chair or wall art. 

The main walls and furniture pieces should be white. The yellows matched with the whites create an airy and uplifting space. 

5 • Blue and Golds

Navy blue is a warm color that can make any home feel welcoming and homey. When you pair shades of navy blue with gold accents, you create a space that you never want to leave. Here’s how you do it. 

First, use the navy blue as the color of your cabinets or major furniture pieces. Countertops and walls should be a light color to contrast with the dark blue. Gold accents can be added into the mix as your cabinet hardware, your faucets, picture frames, bar stools, and more. 

It’s a unique combination that impresses all your guests. 

6 • Warm Cream Shades

Different shades of warm cream are the best way to feel close to the earth. These colors are ones you can imagine seeing in stones picked up from the ground. Bring them into your home and you’ve got yourself a natural and earthy space without having to use green.

Consider using a white cream for the majority of the room and then topping it off with shades of warm grey. 

7 • Pastels with Earthy Tones

Who says you have to pick one season and stick to those tones. Why not mix together two seasons into one color scheme? That’s what you’ll do when you decide on a pastel with an earthy tone color scheme. 

It’s the perfect mix of spring and autumn. A warm beige for the walls with a cream white trim works well. Hire painting services that can ensure the trim or baseboards are done professionally. 

You’ll want to make sure all the small details stand out. Pair that with pastel flower pots on gold-trimmed end tables. Pastel shades of pink and red pillows will rest well on cream chairs for a living room setup. 

8 • Soft Rose Colors 

For a more chic feel, you can concentrate on using soft rose colors. Blush pink, for example, looks great in a room when paired with warmer tones. You can use the blush on your cabinets or larger pieces of furniture such as your shelves.

You’ll then want to use a warm grey on an accent wall or warm grey pieces of accent furniture. A light and airy pink shade can be used in just about any room in the home. It’s a great substitute for beige or white hues. 

Be sure to add greenery in your light pink room. The combination will bring joy to you each time you enter the room. 

9 • Rusted Brown Hues

Rusted browns, burnt oranges, and other similar color shades are one way to add color to a room. When using these colors, however, you want to only use them as the fine details in the room or on only one large piece. Too much of the color becomes overwhelming. 

Using it in a guest bathroom or as the color of your front or backdoor is a wonderful idea. When using it in a room, pair it with browns or blacks. 

10 • Neutral Greys 

There are enough shades of grey that you can use several shades all in one room. A warm grey sponge painted onto a wall with a mix of white works well when paired with white hard furniture pieces and grey soft pieces like chairs or a couch.

A grey and white rug will contribute to the grey and white color scheme. Feel free to use different shades of neutral greys as they’ll all blend well with one another. To tie everything together, you can place a magenta-colored accent chair in the room.

You can also throw some yellow and grey throw pillows on the couch as well for another pop of color.

11 • All Whites 

White is timeless. If you’re thinking it’ll be too plain or boring for you, think again. You can do so much with white.

There are plenty of shades of white, and we want you to feel free to layer them. Layer them on top of one another in the same room however you’d like. You can then add pops of color here in there in the throw pillows, your rug, your end tables, light fixtures, and more.

12 • Shades of Orange

If orange is one of those colors that you’ve thought about experimenting with but didn’t feel bold enough to do so, we’re here to give you that push you need. Go for it.

Mango is one fun and lively shade of orange that can work well in any room. Use it in your accessories in a room such as your throw pillows, lampshades, cushions, and more. You can use it as an accent wall and match it with grey floors and furniture.

You can have a lot of fun with different shades of orange, and we challenge you to find your own fun ways of incorporating it into a room. 

Which Interior Design Color Schemes Will You Try?

The year 2020 isn’t stopping you from trying out plenty of different interior design color schemes in your home. You have tons of options to choose from. Which color schemes will you experiment with?

For more topics about the home and home services, be sure to visit us regularly!

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