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Drying Racks for Small Laundry Spaces

While letting my laundry air dry on the line in my back yard may not look as mountain fresh as this photo, I do love the crisp, clean scent of the sun warming and drying my sheets and towels!  There is nothing better than slipping into crisp fresh sheets after they’ve been set to dry by the breeze.

However, the weather does NOT always cooperate – as the east coast is learning now as Hurricane Sandy rears her ugly head and is beginning to come to shore.  Our hearts go out to the people living on the east coast and everyone is in our thoughts.

Hanging clothes to dry is a year-round, rain-or-shine necessity, but those of us whose laundry room is in closed quarters, finding places to hang our wet clothes (other than the treadmill) can present a challenge.

Here are a few innovative ideas that will also save space!

Retractable Laundry Rack

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This space-saving laundry rack comes with a helpful tutorial.  Click here to learn how to make this convenient – and easy-on-the-eyes – drying rack for your laundry room.

Hidden Drying Racks

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Whether ironing or hanging something up to dry, this space-saving invention is as simple as opening a drawer.

Hinged Drying Rack

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This hinged drying rack provides multiple bars and layers for hanging and we love the addition of the hooks at the bottom.


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