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Dorm Room Furniture – Storage Meets Style

Dorm rooms are small! So, it takes just the right pieces of furniture to get everything that you need into one small space – while keeping the space comfortable and stylish.

Here are some options for dorm room furniture that is stylish and will help you fit a lot into your new, small college living space!

Twin Bed with Trundle Drawer for Dorm Room Storage

This sleek twin bed is stylish and modern and has a huge drawer for storing clothes, supplies or bulky items. Your dorm room will stay neat and tidy as you roll everything up under your bed:

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Color Block Bunk Bed with Built-in Cubbies

How fun is this bunk bed? You and your roommate can choose a favorite color for this bunk bed (green, pink, orange, red, blue, etc) or show off your school pride by opting to decorate your dorm room in your college’s colors. Not only is this space saver stylish – check out all fo the cubbies for you to stash your stuff:

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All In One Dorm Room Loft System with Armoire and Desk

The designers were not messing around with this piece! It’s a one-stop-shop for dorm room furniture. The top holds an extra long mattress, the bottom has space for a desk and the armoire on the end adds tons of storage space.

And, like the bunk above, it comes in a ton of different color combos:

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A Toy Box for Dorm Room Storage

Thought you were too big for your toy box now that you’re headed off to college? Think again. A toy box like this one on wheels, supplies a ton of storage space and can serve as an extra seat for the friends that come over to “study” in your dorm room with you!

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