Display your collection of purses…I KNOW YOU’RE PROUD! If I was designing my dorm room I would have my collection of shoes on open shelves. By bringing your favorite fashions out and displayed as art work actually brings color to your space and organizes all in one.


Designing vertically is ideal in dorm rooms. If you have the height to build a desk or storage under your bed you are using every ounce of space, which is key to small rooms.


It’s a great idea to coordinate the decor with your dorm-mate and create the beginning of a long friendship. Can you imagine being stuck for a year with a color you can’t stand and still like the person that made you live that way?


These DIVA GIRLS rock it! Creating an environment both you and your roommate dig is imperative to the comfort of both!

I love the coordinating artwork made out of fabric, very clever! These roomies carried the flower theme throughout the space, producing a creative personal touch.


Check out this twist on bunk bed design. A bunk bed built for three that has storage built-in everywhere, gives great functionality to any space.

A standing ovation is given to this dorm room designer, for their clever use in using nooks and crannies to create closet storage. I’m digging the retro sixties colors and hanging beads…far-out!!!!

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