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You’re off to college and, FINALLY, have the freedom to express yourself with whatever decor your heart desires. Whether living in a dorm or apartment, designing your new digs is part of the fun of heading off to school.

We want to help inspire your creativity. Check out this dorm room design we put together using items from Ikea! Both bold and affordable, this design will inspire your studious nature (sh!) and supply ample seating room to watch the next episode of Jersey Shore or Real Housewives with your friends.

Use bright, contrasting colors in your dorm room design to show off your courageous spirit. Be bold and daring with your color choices, using clean lines for a modern look and feel.

Choose a fun and light-hearted bedding set to compliment your bold decor. Using bursts of color, this duvet and pillow covers compliment the bright sofa and footrest without taking your color combinations over-the-top.

Using a solid color sofa allows you to get creative with your accent pieces without your dorm room appearing too busy or cluttered.

It is fun to offset your furniture with contrasting colors!

Tie everything together with a bold and colorful print to hang over your sofa. Using a poster with large chunks of color will also eliminate that cluttered feel, yet give you the pop you’re looking for.

When condensing your every possession to one dorm room, storage is key. Choose an entertainment center with plenty of shelves to display your favorite pictures, candles… and books. You’re going to need a few books.

Contrast your colorful decor with a few black and white accessories. Being careful not to go overboard, a black and white patterned throw accompanied by a couple solid black pillows will offset your dorm room design perfectly.

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