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If the four walls of your dorm room are closing in on you this spring, try using one or more of these dorm room design tips to help you refresh your space. Make your home away from home cozy and inviting. Following are 5 dorm room musts when transforming your space.

Transformation Education

You don’t start off with much, the basic necessities really.  Start with a few basic additions to take this space from drab to fab.

Colorful Bedding

Emily Madison comes to life in an eclectic array of coordinating patterns and colors that that are as sweet as they are sophisticated. Evoking a sentiment -something of an afternoon drive on a sundrenched spring day, the linens lend levity, freshness and fantasy to any room in which they reside.

The patterns are an ode to what once was; owning enchanting telling titles like Daisy, Zoe, Flower, Swirl, Paisley and Diamond. From floral to conversational, and ethnic in between, these very pretty prints, are designed to be mixed and mingled amongst themselves, and alongside beautifully embroidered Brookline bedding. Key colors go from Turquoise to Plum, Lime to Flamingo; serving
as the fundamental building blocks for Emily Madison’s signature patterns and ever-evolving hues.

Window Treatments

Adding window treatments softens the look of your dorm room, giving it a more homey feel.

Hidden Storage

Let’s face it…  there is not much space to work with in a dorm room and we have and accumulate a lot of stuff.  Using hidden storage, or finding unique ways to display items like purses and hats, will free up some space in your room.

Additional Seating

Combine seating and storage by making these cute and functional cushions out of milk crates!  The can easily slide beneath your bed when you’re not using them.

Study Tools

Let’s not forget why we’re here!  Make sure to equip yourself with the best study tools.  Barry Weinstein of Pillowcase Studies shares his innovative and unique design, perfect for every dorm room!

Financial accounting was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. For most people, trials and tribulations range from the college application process and apartment searches, to job hunting and breakups. My biggest struggle concerned the dichotomy between debits and credits. I lived for treasury stock and generally acceptable accounting principles(GAAP). I studied 8 hours straight for two nights in a row for my first test. Not only did I fail the test, but I fell asleep face first on my textbook leaving an unattractive red mark above my cheek. I failed…. and I was ugly.

Then it hit me! I thought that there had to be a better way to study so why not make studying comfortable? I took all of the notes from the entire semester and wrote them on my pillowcase so I could study the information for 1 to 2 minutes every night and when I fell asleep from potential exhaustion, I’d have a nice comfy place to rest my head. For the rest of the semester, I saw the information before I went to sleep and when my final came around, I pulled off an A and raised my grade to a B from an F. Not to mention that I never have to worry about that giant red mark on my face because my new textbook was fluffy!

How did you spruce up your dorm room design?

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