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“Kitchen Centric”, a fabulous new book by Mick De Giulio!

kitchen centric butlers pantry from Mick De Giulio, white cabinets with glass doors, penny tile floors, mirror and black backsplash

When Janet Salls of The Westye Group Southeast invited me to Mick De Giulio’s book signing held at the Hollywood showroom, I jumped at the opportunity. Over my twenty years of design competitions with features in “Kitchens by Professional Designers”, there was always another designer that I admired, Mick De Giulio. His work always stands out and is just exemplary.


Design by Mick De Giulio


The book signing event was fabulous, as it always is when SUB-ZERO WOLF is hosting. It began with Chef Will preparing a medley of tasty hors d’ oeuvres. My personal favorite were the strawberries, filled with boursin cream cheese…yummy!


(See recipe at the end of the post.)



Chef Will Ratley


After enjoying evening cocktails, good food and the making of new friends, we sat down for a sneak peek of Mick’s new book and to meet the man himself.


Mick De Giulio and Patricia Davis Brown


To say I was impressed with Mick De Giulio is an understatement. He is an Internationally known kitchen designer and after listening to him speak about his designs and his products of choice, it was evident why his reputation has stretched around the globe.



Mick De Giulio’s kitchen design at SUB-ZERO WOLF headquarters in Madison, WI.


Listening to this man speak about how every kitchen needs an exclamation point and the reasoning behind his use of these unique materials made me almost yell out, “YES, YES, YES!!!” I managed to contain my excitement when he promised to tell me his source on a beautiful blue material he used on an island top.



The countertop material shown in the De Giulio kitchen is cottopesto, a terracotta that is fired, colored and shaped into custom forms by artisans in Italy. Mick is a designer that travels extensively to find unique artisans all over the world that can enhance his design and be that necessary explanation point.

To me, every aspect of a room design is important and Mick is well aware of that. When he began to talk about lighting, I wanted to stand up and give an ovation. All of you know how important lighting is to my design but to actually hear another designer speak so knowledgeably, made me as giddy as a school girl.

It was an honor and a pleasure to meet such a wonderful designer who designs from the heart. He speaks about every one of his designs as a parent would of their child.

If you dig design,  KITCHEN CENTRIC is a must-read book for you!


Fresh Strawberries Stuffed with Boursin Cheese 



Ingredients: Fresh Strawberries


Boursin Cheese (any flavor)

Melted Dark Chocolate (optional)


• Rinse and cut strawberries in half (either direction will work)

• Hollow out a little berry from each side

• Spread room temperature Boursin cheese through the center of the berry (one or both sides, whichever you prefer)

• Put the strawberry back together again and place on serving tray (if the berry is too round, simply cut a flat spot at the bottom so it doesn’t roll around)

• These are perfect just the way they are but you may garnish with a drizzle of dark chocolate if you like




Fresh Strawberries Stuffed with Boursin Cheese


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