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Outdoor Bar Ideas – Time to Take the Party to the Patio

Summer is coming and it’s time for BBQ’s, parties, and cocktails.  With celebration and good times in the air bring the party outside and decorate your bar patio to take advantage of your outdoor space to the fullest.

Make your bar theme fresh, fun and updated, or make something convenient by the pool. If space is an issue we have ideas to design in tight spaces.


Designing with fire is a natural way to attract guests and family to hang out and socialize. I have a few posts to inspire creativity with backyard fire pits, patio fire pits, and fire pits and fireplaces for outdoor living.



Update Your Outdoor Bar Design

Looking for something original, unique, to set you apart from typical outdoor entertainment?  Below are some bar designs that we thought might inspire you.


contemporary modern wicker tropical home bar outdoor living space area dining entertaining bamboo screen basket pendant

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This bar is modern and one of a kind.  With stainless steel, a frosted glass countertop, custom designed mod style bar stools, and built-in LED lighting for partying into the twilight hours, this bar is definitely unique. We also love this bar because it’s small enough to feature in a small space, but also open up in a larger area. Best of all, the round bar seating arrangement encourages socializing.


outdoor bar led light opaque glass counter top mod modern bar stools

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This stone infused island bar used a great influence with a counter wrapping around the patio for this dually created outdoor bar and outdoor kitchen space.  The stone work is beautiful and we love the built-in BBQ, this patio was created to be both attractive and a great entertainment arena.

bigs tone patio pergola covered outdoor bar o

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Pool Side Patio Inspirations

Slipping into the pool to cool off is an ideal way to spend a great summer party, but to have your patio bar only feet away enhances this great experience making it nearly unnecessary to even bother coming back into the house when everything you need is outside.

This patio bar is a great idea for a poolside relaxing.  The awning gives a break from the sun, and while the bar itself is behind the brick, the entire area is open wide for entertaining, eating, and drinking.

pool poolside home bar blue modern white wood beachy contemporary outdoor living

(DigThisDesign on Pintrest)

This patio bar emotes the feeling of escapism.  Great for poolside with it’s shading, the color palate is bright and the wood paneling on the bar and the stools are beautiful.  We also love the idea that this area could be even used for an early warm summertime breakfast.

modern contemporary outdoor living area space home bar entertaining poolside blue stripped decor orange aqua

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covered bar outdoor patio flagstone pavers

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Fitting a Bar in Small Outdoor Spaces

Make the cross from bar to food and beverage only a few steps instead of a separate area entirely.  It’s a space saver and a logical option for someone working with a budget as well.

This outdoor patio is smart because it saves space on the deck so you can still have space, your patio bar, and easy access to all your items of drink and food through the kitchen.

small micro outdoor bar attached to kitchen window patio deck

(DigThisDesign on Pintrest)

house patio small outdoor bar kitchen window

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