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When designing pools for your backyard you shouldn’t limit your inspiration to the simple or the old.  If you have financial freedom and lots of space some of these modern and futuristic pool designs may suit you.

Look to the future with an innovative design for your pool, minimize with a rectangular simple design, or design your pool with the plan to entertain at night!

Futuristic Pools

For innovative and cutting edge designs, a twist on modern inspirations with something new and different is the prefect recipe for that.  These visionary point of views will set your outdoor design apart from everyone else.

This modern and futuristic pool design enraptures with the lighting and several different colors illuminating the pool.  This exotic themed pool area is a pioneer for visionaries wanted to create outside of the box.


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If you want to modernize your swimming pool design it’s obvious in this beautifully minimalist home, but these chairs that seem like they are using some high powered technology and are floating on the pool are completely innovative.


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This modern designed pool takes it’s own twist on design by mixing nature and modern architecture together, giving it a futuristic look with the square and rectangular shapes, but the circle and curves for the trees and grass.


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Minimize Your Pool Design

A lot of modern design aesthetics base their inspirations by minimizing their creations.  In these pools featured below, they are beautiful by a simple and clear focus, giving a kind of elegant theme.

This beautiful rectangular shaped pool has nothing surrounding it to deviate attention other than the reflection of the natural waterway right next to it.  This emotes a relaxing and chilled out mood.


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This modern swimming pool design inspiration takes the minimalism point of view and works with it in a back yard design.  There isn’t much surrounding the pool, but an emphasis on the shapes and clear water.


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Entertain Yourself At Night

These modern pool designs have also taken on the minimal creations and shapes of day time designs, but put a twist on it by making it party accessible, guest inspiring, or a perfect haven for a quiet midnight swim of your own.

This backyard night pool that’s modernized by it’s simple design shape, color, and minimal design surrounding it becomes night accessible by simple lighting that embraces the outdoor theme around it, but keeping it innovative.


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This great modern swimming pool is a picture of what a city living outdoor night time pool could look like.  The pool is a direct reflection of the architecture but also has great lighting to enjoy alone or with a crowd at night.


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