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Designs For Coastal Patios and Porches

What happens outside your house when living on the coast is really what owning the house is really about.  Your options range from something aesthetic and contemporary to a theme based design, to a classic design made for the comfort of family and guests.

Since this is where you’d be spending most of your time, take some time to find your own coastal patio inspiration!

A Coastal Patio For Family And Friends

If your coastal home is destination for family and friends a large patio for socializing is your best option.  A large amount of seating, space, and room to to interact, but also be able to relax is the ultimate goal.

The patio featured below really shows was a coastal patio for family and friends is all about.  There are lounging chairs everywhere, a table in the middle which encourages socialization and talk since all the chairs facing each other.



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The patio space below is not only huge and open but utilizes it’s space by setting up a booth and table that is large and clearly intended for social gatherings.  Even the hanging bed is propped in a direction so the lounger can still interact with the group at the table.


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Make Your Patio Contemporary

Contemporary designs tend to inherit simplicity, but also carry a modern and futuristic appearance.  If you are a forward mover in design these coastal patios shown below are great examples of what a contemporary coastal patio should exude.

The contemporary home below is gorgeous with all it’s windows, and since there already is a brilliant view from the inside, simplicity and elegance is the decor on the patio.  It’s very minimal and not blocking all of the windows of house.  It is attractive and functional.


(Dig This Coastal Patio On Pinterest)

The building below looks like something out of a futuristic film, and instead of a typical porch on the beach, the patios are built into the side of this visual artwork.  The architecture is incredible and if you’re looking for something unique and one of a kind, this design is great for inspiration.


(Dig This Coastal Patio On Pinterest)

Classically Styled Coastal Porches

When designing porches and patios there is nothing wrong with going unconventional or creating for functional purposes alone, but there is always something comforting about a classic design.  The familiarity of what you already know is comforting.

The coastal porch featured below is very simple with two swings, but each swing is facing the other so there is room for social interaction, however there isn’t anything aesthetically groundbreaking.  Simple swings on an open porch with a beautiful view.


(Dig This Coastal Patio On Pinterest)

With columns and bright vacation inspired colors, this house takes on a classically simple coastal porch.  The second story porch overlooks the view before it and the columns beneath are a classically attractive way.


(Dig This Coastal Design On Pinterest)

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