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What do you think of when you think of a coastal home?  The thoughts of bright blue water, endless beaches, bright sunny days, and carefree lives.  If you have a home that exists in paradise, you would want it to exploit all of those wonderful qualities.

Here are some inspirations on how to design your indoor and outdoor experience, to enhance your million dollar view.

Indoor Coastal Designs

While most of your time in a home of this type, it’s also important to reflect the inside to match your mood for the beach and porch.  If it’s a permanent home you may want something more functional, but there are always different options for a summer or winter home as well.  You options can range from nostalgic, to contemporary, to theme inspired.  The possibilities are endless.

In the photo featured below this house has been inspired by capturing the essence of it’s outside surroundings while still keeping the home aesthetically pleasing.  There’s no question when you walk into a house decorated like this that a light hearted vacation mood is the intention, meanwhile it still remains functional.



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The home featured below has opted for a more clean contemporary feel.  The stainless steal, clean, and simplistic vibe is very popular in modern homes today, and while doesn’t necessarily scream the words “vacation”, it certainly lends focus on what’s outside rather than in and also provides a more permanent and functional environment if this is your year round home.  While this kitchen doesn’t have a ton of natural light, it’s sliding glass door allows all of the gorgeous natural light reflect off of it’s appliances bringing the beauty within.


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Whether this is for a vacation home or permanent residence there’s nothing that says you can’t have fun with your coastal home and run with a theme.  The photo below features a seashell them in the bathroom.  It’s a carefree reminder that the home is there to enjoy outside, but while inside intended to enjoy as well.  This escapism mood is part of the beauty of living in a beautiful location, and yet still functions completely.


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Inspiring Use Of Natural Light

The use of natural lighting can never be stressed enough, but it in this particular scenario living on a coast where sunlight is the main attraction, who doesn’t want their entire house shining with it’s warm and cheerful rays?

The photo below gives you an idea of what you could do with windows in a contemporary style house.  It not only gives you the incredible advantage of natural light, but it also allows you to appreciate the view you have outside your home.  To be able to stay inside your home while the sun sets or rises and watch the waves crash across the beach without every having to leave your couch is truly relaxation.


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This living room is set to appreciate the view of the endless blue water behind it.  While enjoying the warmth (or coolness) of indoors these wide windows allow it’s owner to watch an oncoming storm, the sun rise, or the calm of the water below.  Natural light is a blessing in any home, but there are so many other advantages to large windows in a home on the coast, because after all, that’s the reason you bought the house in the first place.


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Putting the “Fun” in Functional

While owning a coastal home should be inspirational, creative, and relaxing it also should be functional.  This of course doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be pleasing to the eye, but you do want somewhere to eat, sleep, store things, and carry on your every day life.

This table is a great way of incorporating both a functional and whimsy together.  Not to mention inviting the all important natural light with the contemporary design of this bathroom.  Why not take a bath while still having the ability to view the beautiful ocean outside?  This photo should inspire you that there really aren’t any limitations to the designs and creations you desire!


(Dig This Coastal Home On Pinterest)


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