Finding your design inspiration when decorating a room in your home is all about finding the right style that suits you. When considering your options try using one of the following tips from our expert contributor, author, and decor designer, Juanita Parker.

Inspiring the Creative Bug

Getting the creative bug to complete a design project requires imagination, inspiration and vision–plus a little bit of love and patience.

I was one of the decor designers who entered the huge second floor passageway in a 55 room mansion. The passageway was in the historic Greystone Mansion that professional interior and decor designers enjoy turning into a designer showcase every year.

I was caught in a time zone viewing the space in this English Tudor-style mansion. On several occasions I visited my blank space to be designed for the showcase in order to get a sense of the exact design that would make a visitor comfortable, warm and delighted to spend time there. I actually sat in the space, closed my eyes and began to listen to the quietness of the atmosphere. I felt a sense of nostalgia and decided to bring the corridor back to life.

The English Tutor-style mansion was built in 1928. I captured some of the era’s design particulars in reference to furniture styles, colors, flooring, fabrics and accessories, as well as the social atmosphere and environment.

I concluded my research and designed the space as a leisure library area for reading, conversation, sipping tea, and informally entertaining a few guests. An aperture adjacent to the passageway has a beautiful fireplace and large windows that perfectly enhanced the beauty and inspiration of the final decor design.

I was inspired by the Greystone’s interesting history, architecture and the opportunity to create and design an enjoyable experience for others. And more than anything, I enjoy being involved in the work I love most–Creativity.

What are you inspired by when it comes to your personal space? Here’s a few tips for your inspiration:

Think about places you have been that made you feel comfortable, warm and relaxed (hotel, resort, library, boat, old or new home decor).

What was special about your experience that you would like to re-capture in your home decor, office or occasion?

Compare your present decor atmosphere and write down what it is you would improve or change.

Juanita Parker, Decor and Event Designer, Inspiration Plus

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