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How to Make a Dog Bed Match Your Decor

how to make a dog bed

When you’re a parent of a fur kid, you want to make your pets feel comfortable – but also hide the less attractive items like dog kennels, crates and toys.

So, we found some great examples showing you how to make a dog bed blend right into your kitchen, living room or bedroom:

Storage and a Bed All in One

For those of you with a mudroom, foyer or some extra space in your kitchen, this wall unit is a great idea. Your pup can relax in a comfy bed on the bottom, and you can store all of his stuff – and anything else you need up top.

how to make a dog bed


(Dig this dog bed on Pinterest)


Custom Cabinetry for Dog Beds

If you weren’t looking for it, you might miss this dog bed hidden right in the custom cabinetry of this kitchen:


(Dg this dog bed on Pinterest)


Here is another example of using custom cabinetry to house your dog bed… or this case, both of your dog beds:


(Dig this dog kennel idea on Pinterest)


A Room of His Own

This was one of our favorites… using the space under the stairs or between closets, your dog can have his own room. We love that they went the extra mile to trim out the door and add the roof-shaped peak at the top.


(Dig this dog bed on Pinterest)


For more ideas on how to make a dog bed disappear into a room, check out our Fur Kids board on Pinterest!

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