A stove fan is installed in the kitchen area to ensure proper ventilation throughout the room. Moreover, it prevents the smoke or fog build-up and keeps the kitchen cool. Usually, you can install a stove fan over the stove to ensure maximum smoke is vented out from the kitchen.  

Before choosing the best stove fan for your kitchen, here are certain key features to consider. If you’re in the market for a new stove fan, we invite you to continue reading to learn what you need to know about buying a stove fan for your kitchen.

Your Check List for Buying a Stove Fan

What You Must Check Before Buying a Stove Fan

Exhaust System of the Stove Fan 

A stove fan comprises either of the two systems – ducted exhaust system or the non-ducted exhaust system. The point to note is that the air entering the stove fan must not circulate back into the house.  

The ducted exhaust system channels the air outside the house while the ductless system purifies and filters the air, returning it into the kitchen. The duct-system, however, requires more maintenance and may not work as efficiently as the other types.  

Power of the Stove Fan  

Your kitchen layout and space usually dictate the fan’s power required to clear the smoke, rid the area of strong cooling doors and ensure proper ventilation throughout. You can determine the power of the fan simply by calculating the volume of the kitchen. After that, the stove fan you choose must be able to clear or purify the air within that volume a minimum of eight times per hour.  

The Noise of the Stove Fan  

You most likely don’t want to purchase a stove fan that makes much noise, capable of giving you a headache. While considering the power needed in the stove fan, you must also ensure that a lot of noise does not accompany the high power. It is advised to choose a stove fan that functions by drawing the air towards itself rather than spreading it throughout the kitchen. Hopefully, you can take the stove fan for a test run before purchasing it.  


Maintenance requirements are another feature to consider while taking into account the price of the stove fan. It is always better to purchase a stove fan that is low-maintenance, clean, and parts must be available easily in the market in case of any damage. You can compare the maintenance requirements of several brands and models before making a selection.  

High maintenance may eat into your monthly or yearly expenditure. Hence, purchasing the appropriate stove fan will need a bit of math and important features to consider. Even after installing one, ensure that you follow proper ways to clean and maintain it to avoid severe damages or costly repairs.  

Budget Restraints  

Everything you decide to purchase comes with budget restrictions that you must consider. The cost of the gas stove depends on its features, look, power, and efficiency. Many times, installation costs increase the overall price of the stove fan. Hence while choosing the best stove fan, compare the costs online and determine which features you need in it. Ensure that while the fan fulfills your requirements, it should not consume a considerable chunk of your finances.  

Another critical factor is its energy-efficiency. Choose a model that wouldn’t spike your electricity bills every month. Don’t forget to check its warranty, too. The best brands offer up to two years’ warranty on stove fans for your peace of mind.  

A stove Fan is a prerequisite for every household to ensure that your kitchen is properly ventilated. It prevents you from inhaling the smoke or suffocating because of the lack of fresh air in your kitchen.  

The only catch here is choosing the best stove fan that fulfills all your requirements while costing well-within your budget. Hence, buying a stove fan requires analytical skills, a systematic approach, and clarity regarding the features you are looking for. This is the ultimate formula to make the perfect purchase.  

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