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The summer months can be long and excruciating if you’re desperately trying to entertain bored children. When parents finally shout out the kid-dreaded words, “TURN OFF THOSE VIDEO GAMES AND GET OUTSIDE!”, you better hope outside is compelling enough to avoid the nagging sibling banter and whining that accompany boredom.

Here are a few outdoor dramatic play ideas to help you create your kids dream backyard that inspires both activity and creativity!

Ultimate Kid Backyard

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For the BEST BACKYARD EVER – without committing to a permanent pool fixture – incorporate one (or all) of these easily assembled (and disassembled) pools and trampolines into your backyard decor. Your children will expend all their energy and have a blast doing it.

Private Splash Pad

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When the sprinkler just doesn’t cut it, add a private splash pad to your backyard for hours of fun with water!

Play House

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As a little girl I would have DIED for a dream play house like this one. Honestly… any playhouse at all would have done the trick. If this adorable little cottage play home is a little extravagant for your taste, we found a number of great play house ideas for dramatic play on Pinterest to choose from! (Do I see an idea for another blog post?)

Drive In

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We talked about the idea of an outdoor movie experience in a previous post, but this idea is SO CUTE I couldn’t help talking about it again. Whether inviting friends over for a bbq or hosting your child’s birthday party, these little dramatic play cars for your home-made drive in will keep kids entertained and happy!

Backyard Games


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Kids love having choices! A variety of backyard games will give them dramatic play options. Make sure you have plenty of sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sand toys, and games accessible for your children to pull out and play.

How have you incorporated dramatic play ideas in your backyard space to keep it inviting for your kids?

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