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Our children are daily growing and changing, from baby to toddler, pre-schooler to school-age, and tween to teen.  It’s a full time job to keep up with their growing bodies and personalities.  We want to make sure they have everything they need to facilitate their curiosity and development.

When interior designer, Sheila Rich, was approached to design a girl’s bedroom for her client’s young daughter who was ready to get out of the baby crib and into big-kid bedroom furniture, she took on the challenge and transformed a poorly decorated space into a fabulous grow-with-me bedroom suite that any little girl would be proud to call her own.

Design Inspiration and Transformation for a Girl’s Bedroom

My clients were interested in buying a two-year-old house in their favorite neighborhood, but they had strong reservations because the interior was so unattractive that it gave the illusion of needing major renovations to make it livable. They called me in to look at it before walking away from the deal; I could see the house had good bones but the previous owners had poor judgment in color and use of space. It was a diamond in the rough.

They purchased the house contingent upon my guarantee to transform this home into one of timeless beauty that worked within their family’s lifestyle. One area they were particularly concerned about was a bedroom suite that they had chosen for their 18-month-old daughter, who was transitioning bedroom furniture from a crib to a bed. It was my opinion that the two spaces were meant to work together, but the colors chosen by the original owners were harsh and uncoordinated, making it look very unpleasant.

When I first saw this poorly decorated space, my clients’ frustration with the bedroom suite and the bedroom furniture became my inspiration.

They wanted a very feminine décor and bedroom furniture that would not only make their daughter feel like a princess but would also move from childhood into the teen years and beyond without major redecorating. With a new baby on the way, they wanted their daughter to feel special and secure in her new home and new bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture and Playroom in the Bedroom Suite

For the ultimate in femininity, I used a pink palette with a ballerina theme. I turned the adjoining rooms into a playroom and bedroom suite, unifying them with a patterned carpet as well as matching fabrics on the windows and bed cornice. Ballet and bow themes connect the two rooms, while delicate coordinated patterns add depth and interest. I added an unexpected but elegant crystal chandelier for a touch of sophistication that will go well into the teen years and beyond.

As their daughter grows, an age-appropriate black-and-white design with hot pink polka dots will add to the pale pink and white multi-patterned theme, creating a new and more grownup dimension to the pink foundation. The playroom will become a sitting room, and its tea party chair and table set and toy storage will be replaced with a computer center and comfortable seating, making it conducive for relaxing, entertaining friends, or studying.

Sheila Rich, Interior Designer, Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

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