Selecting the right furniture is instrumental for anyone aspiring to transform their outdoor space into an enchanting oasis. Picture this: the patio or deck adorned with elegant outdoor wicker furniture. However, a common concern arises – how to properly care for this beautiful furniture. 

If you want to buy wicker outdoor dining sets now, a wealth of options awaits. And to get the most value from your investment, proper maintenance is crucial. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide provides the answers, from elucidating the cleaning procedures for wicker pieces to imparting valuable tips for their preservation.

A Care Guide for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

care for wicker furniture


Why Opt For Wicker Furniture? 

This question is easy to answer. Firstly, wicker furniture exudes a timeless elegance, lending a classic charm to your outdoor space. Moreover, it’s sturdy and durable, promising to withstand the elements. However, this longevity comes with the condition of proper care. These include the following:

  • Regular Cleaning Is Essential 

Keeping your outdoor wicker furniture clean plays a vital role in its upkeep. Debris, dust, and moisture can cause harm if allowed to build up. Therefore, it’s crucial to adopt a regular cleaning routine. 

Begin by getting rid of any loose dirt using a soft bristle brush. Then, gently clean the surfaces with warm water and mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the wicker. Rinse the furniture with clean water and let it dry naturally under the sun.

Don’t forget the cushions! Designers typically create most outdoor types to resist mildew, but you should still clean them regularly. Use a fabric-friendly detergent, rinse thoroughly, and dry them in the sun. 

  • Treat Stains Promptly 

Despite the utmost care, accidents happen, leading to spills and stains on outdoor wicker furniture. Quick action is paramount in these situations. The longer a stain sits, the harder it becomes to remove. 

At first sight of a spill or stain, clean the affected area promptly using mild soap and warm water. Following the clean-up, let the furniture dry under the sun to prevent moisture accumulation.’

Remember, a swift response to spills can make the difference between a fleeting incident and a stubborn, unsightly mark. 

  • Consider Protective Covers 

Investing in protective covers for outdoor wicker furniture is a smart move. These defend against harsh weather, dust, and even animal droppings, enhancing the furniture’s longevity. 

When choosing covers, ensure they’re breathable to stop dampness from accumulating, a common culprit behind mildew and rot. Also, well-fitted ones not only prolong the lifespan of your wicker furniture but also maintain its aesthetic appeal, making it a worthwhile investment for outdoor living spaces. 

  • Perform Regular Maintenance Checks 

The key to long-lasting outdoor furniture is regular maintenance. Routinely inspect the pieces for any signs of wear and tear. These could include loose strands, which you can remedy using glue. However, more severe damage like structural weaknesses or frayed wicker might necessitate professional intervention.

Early detection of such issues prevents them from escalating into more severe problems. Therefore, a regular check-up routine is crucial in preserving the furniture’s durability and aesthetic appeal. In essence, it boils down to being proactive in maintaining the charm and functionality of your wicker pieces.

  • Winter Storage Is A Must

Winter months introduce challenges for outdoor wicker furniture, with cold and damp conditions potentially making its material brittle and damaged. Therefore, storing such pieces in a warm, dry place during winter is vital. 

If moving your furniture indoors isn’t a feasible option, don’t fret. Strategically place the pieces in your outdoor space to shield them from the harshest weather conditions, like beneath a patio or in a gazebo. Also, as mentioned, you can provide weather-resistant covers to protect them from the elements.   

  • Use Waterproof Sealant 

A waterproof sealant serves as the protective armor for outdoor wicker furniture against harsh weather conditions. It wards off damage from moisture and UV radiation. It stops water from seeping into the wicker, preventing the weakening and the growth of mold and mildew. Moreover, it also reflects UV rays, safeguarding the material’s color and strength. 

The process is straightforward – apply the sealant, leave it to dry, and reapply every one to two years, preferably post-cleaning. This regimen helps maintain the resilience and beauty of outdoor wicker furniture, extending its lifespan significantly. It’s a minor investment for a significant payoff, ensuring a welcoming and stylish outdoor space. 

Final Thoughts  

These simple steps will ensure your outdoor wicker furniture remains in excellent condition for many years. With just a bit of care and attention, you’ll enjoy meals and gatherings on your beautiful patio or deck with loved ones, basking in the elegance of your well-maintained wicker pieces.

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