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Hidden Storage; Creative Solutions by Designers

Storage is at a premium in most people’s homes. It just seems like there is never enough storage, which is why it is so important to find hidden storage that you never even knew existed.

However, designers are pros at accessing every bit of space in a room design which is why I decided to write a post on how the pros do it. Let’s visit some of the cleverest hidden storage ideas out there.

Hidden Storage Solutions


As a designer I honor a full extension pullout glide, it’s my best friend when designing cleverly hidden storage. With the right pullout mechanism, I can pull out a whole wall of shelf storage and only use a small amount of linear footage. You can go as small as 9″ up to 24″ in several heights, you just need to maintain the required weight per manufacturer’s specifications. So, if you have an area such as stairs there is a lot of possible storage there and a pullout mechanism is a perfect choice.


Full extension drawers are another useful hardware solution for accessing hidden storage areas. I emphasize full extension because it will give you full access to space which is what you are going for. Once again, a stairway is loaded with space which is not always accessible, but if you turn the riser of a stairway into a pullout drawer look at the hidden storage space you have found. If you use touch latches only you would know it was a drawer.

Touch Latched Panels

Anywhere you have a hollow structure you need to find a way to access it and turn it to a useful hidden storage compartment. Take for instance columns, they typically are not a solid structure so why not create one of the panels to open when you touch it. You can do this with a touch latch hinge and hardware.

Toe Kick Drawers

Can you imagine the amount of storage you could add to a small kitchen or bathroom with toe kick drawers? This is accessing hidden storage in your home and putting it to good use from a pullout dog bowl to stashes of your favorite wine.

These are just a few ways to combat dead space that you are currently not using. Remember that you want to utilize all the space in your home because you can never have too much storage! If you have any clever hidden storage solutions you would like to share please leave it in the comments for us to share.

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